Monday, June 21, 2010

Almost Free

Our KinderBration was amazing. We filled the gym to capacity and felt like super stars on a red carpet when it was over. We set up 4 different "step and repeats" so that the parents could get photos of their child's class and some with the teachers. As they snapped away, I looked out to a sea of cameras. It was by far the most rewarding afternoon in a life time of teaching. This was the perfect year to do this. The perfect year to honor a group of kids...Our hodge-podge of nationalities all jumbled into one place coming together for one thing..To honor and praise their babies. Funny, no matter what the country, the language, the culture, we were able to impress upon these families that their children did something big. They finished kindergarten..
There wasn't a dry eye in the place when the kids sang their final song. I was a blabbering crybaby when we walked in, so by the end of the song I was toast.
It was especially bittersweet for me and my coworker, since our assistants are leaving next year.
My assistant is not just a helper, but a friend. We laugh and giggle all day, and roll our eye at just the same things..

Next year is a big year. My twentieth year teaching. My hope is that magically, and without too much fuss I can land a teaching job in St.Pete Russia. Long shot sure, but I gotta dream. I have thought about almost everything and pressed poor Kate to answer a million questions on daily life down to the minutia of family life in Russia. After teaching the children I teach now, I can't imagine being more ready to teach in an international school..

Although the Kinderbration was amazing, there has been a bit of tension at my school. I think it's all the end of the year stuff...I am quick to laugh things off, but many of my coworkers are just "over it." And that makes me sad. Not to be corny, but I am just waiting to exhale...I know, I know..
The girlz are ready for some "summer momma" time.
I am a different mom in the summer. I am the mom I wish I could be more often. I guess having a job sometimes holds a gal back. When we get to Florida we go to the library 3 times a week to the summer programs that my dad's sweet library offers. We wake up early and I cook at least one nice meal a day. I read to my girlz all summer. I take tons of pictures. I am relaxed.
I don't know what we'll do when my dad's house sells. I have fallen in love with the quiet pace of Naples. All the snow birds are back up north, so it's like we own the place.
I have been praying for the Gulf beaches. They aren't a snow beach, and depend on what goes on in the summer.
So now I count the days til I am free like a bird!!


Hevel said...

Woohoo, St.Petersburg! I can't wait to go back there... Hope you get to land a job there! I'm actually just reading a great urban fantasy book taking place there, and I long to visit Russia again... soon. Till then, I'll just go to the Russian grocery...

Tina in CT said...

Love your new blog layout.

Enjoy your summer in Naples. Is your father leaving FL?

Jen Stevens said...

I'm liking the new blog look. It feels more like renewal and summer.
I get what you're saying about that "summer momma". Since moving here and not having all those prior obligations, I have become more focused about pouring into my girl, all the time and attention she missed in the haried chaos of fostering. It is definately that exhale feeling.

kate said...

Always happy to help. ;>

The red door picture is one of my favorites.

Annie said...

Soooooooo envious. Summer is a "lighter" schedule for me, but there's never any rest, really. The only "vacations" I've ever had were in Russia. ( wonder I love it there so much.)

I'm glad you end of the year celebration went well; I wish I could have seen how you did it...sounds very much like it reflected the wisdom and savvy you've gained from your years of teaching.

Kris said...

Hi! Thanks for checking out my blog. Do you live in St. Petersburg now? We are in Moscow until August. We enjoy our Dacha outside the city. It is a great neighborhood and has lots of space for my 3 girls to run around.

Yes, you may add my blog on your site. If I can give anyone insight to the city of Moscow that is great.

Oh, I am also a teacher but am a SAHM until my kids are in school.

Happy Summer!