Saturday, June 26, 2010

Aunti and the Girlz

Today was recital day. I was fearful of how AugustRose would react the the big crowd but she did great. I didn't have my good camera, so we relied on Auntie's camera phone..It worked well enough!

Dadumagoosa with Anni

Poppie with Anni

Me with Anni

My dad and I with AuggieRose after her very first recital! We were chatting about it today, Anni started ballet at 2 and has been in 5 recitals so far. It really shows. She shines on the stage. We giggle so much watching her, because she looks like she is about to burst with happiness when she is up on the stage.

It was a good day. Now I am doing laundry, trying to clean up, and packing for our trip to Florida. Just can't wait to get on the road! It will be a long drive, but we can make a bunch of stops to break up the ride~
Can't wait to post from FLAWDA!!!!!


Tina in CT said...

The girls look beautiful.

Happy packing.

Hevel said...

You girls are beautiful!

My brother is a dancer and studies dance pedagogy as his second degree - he just graduated with his bachelor's this past week - so I keep telling him about all the little kids who dance.

Have a wonderful time in Florida!

Annie said...

How exciting for you, and I'm so glad your phone has a camera!

Tina in CT said...

How's Florida?