Saturday, June 12, 2010


By far, the most stressful, crazy, busy time for teachers is the end of the year. No matter what we all agree to in September, it always seems that there are a gagillion forms and papers that teachers need to complete. Most of them are repeats of something that is on another form, but when resource teachers want something, you gotta get it to them...Or honestly, it can be hell.

It's funny this year, because my heart is still at my school, yet all I think about is how to take a break from it, and get to Russia. Because I am launching my full force effort in September to get to Russia. and if not Russia, then Poland, the Ukraine, or Belarus. In that order.
Odd assortment of dream locations, but it is what it is...
I am getting my resume in order and will join to the companies that place teachers, and then I am also going to contact some other schools in Russia to see what kind of packages they offer.
Next year is my 20th anniversary in teaching, and I really want a break from FCPS. My county hasn't given raises in 3 years, and it just seems like the right time.
I am a wandering spirit, and I can see my girlz being 3rd culture kids.

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