Monday, June 07, 2010

i am off the Chantix...i couldn't sense if it may work, and the horrible sadness and sickness were not worth it..I am going to try the patch again..the side effects on the box of Chantix, all about depression and such was right on for i stopped taking it friday night, and haven't thrown up, or wanted to admit myself in the Psych Ward since then...
and sadly, I'm not joking...careful with that drug. I can keep trying without it.

I have 3 weeks of school left. Yeahhh. We are in full KINDERBRATION MODE!! All fun good times. My kids already know their lines. I am lovin' them. I have a child in my room that stutters and stammers. She asked for a part, and got one. (Super Bright) Side note: She is a little gal who is Muslim. She wears a hijab, but can't seem to keep it on straight or really at all. By the end of the day she goes skipping out to recess swinging it around her head like a helicopter. I swear one day I am going to write a book called the RaggaMuffin Muslim Girl..All about differences in children, and how to truly embrace those differences..
ANYHOO, this little gal says today..."Ms.Green, when I say stuff, I say it double.."(which is her way of saying that she stutters) I told her it was just fine, and her words are so special that we can all them twice.) She smiled.


Tina in CT said...

What a sweet answer to the little girl's statement. Yes, you should write the book one day.

That drug sounds awful with those side effects. Good that you stopped it. When you are ready to tackle the stop smoking, you'll do it. Don't give yourself a guilt trip.

Angela Walthall said...

You are a wonderul teacher!!!! What a blessing for that little girl to be in your class with a teacher that loves her and her stutter!!!!! You just made my morning!!!!