Monday, July 26, 2010

Just Some Bits...

This is all I am going to post of Disney for now..There is so much to tell about our time with the Mouse, but I want to share what is happening here at the beach, so that is where we will start!
First and foremost, the oil spill has in no way affected the shore/coastline in Naples. That is not to say it won't, but for now we are safe.
It seems like as soon as we got here, Anna's ear started to ache..This is not new and every year we end up in an Urgent Care where ever we are for antibiotics. This time, the doctor in Florida gave up drops for her ear, and with the advice to stay out of the water until the ache goes away..Two days later, we found this cap and with the help of some ear plugs, her ear healed. She looked like a little Olympic swimmer with it on.
For the first part of the trip, the girlz did a great job of managing our gypsy vacation, (always moving) but there were tons of break downs from each of them..It has been great to be in one spot for days now. Anni even mentioned that she was glad that we didn't have to wear clothes out of the suitcase.
So far we have seen dolphins and only one sting ray, and it was a flying ray that came flying out of the water. For the past couple of times, the dolphins are so close to the shore that you could touch them, if they would have allowed. It was fun! The girlz have been doing a lot of playing together while at the beach. But Lordy, let them get back to the house and AugustRose has a real fit when she doesn't get her way. I have almost eliminated the high pitch scream she does, now I am working on the jealousy. She is so concerned, that when I address Anni about anything/or nothing in particular AugustRose will say, "what about me?" If I had a dollar for how many times a day she says that...But with all the activity we do in a day, I am glad to see that the girlz have fun together..Anni will meet friends on the beach, but August, boy she doesn't want to know anyone new..She can't stand for me to address other children, especially toddlers. And she will say out loud,
"that baby is not cute!" I mean really, what is that?? I am going to reassure her the whole summer that she is the only one I want to call "baby" and not to worry about other children...Jeez!!

Ohhhh, and I found these while at my friend Lee's. They are measuring cups! You open them up and can use either the top or the bottom. For the kitchen challenged, like me, if I never use them I won't feel bad because they are deliciously cute, huh?


As I try my best to figure how my blog randomly faded to black, then has the most difficult PHOTOBUCKET error in the middle of the post section....I have no idea where this came from nor why it is there...And what's up with COMPATIBILITY mode...HUH? why is Blogger running that way on my poooter......I have so much to share...And now, this holy hot mess...

Sunday, July 18, 2010

We visited with my grandmother through the 4th of July. Each day, we would pick up my Aunt Carolyn first then head out to the center where my Grandma is. One the way back one day, we found this great little spot on the river and pulled in. It was the 4th and there was live music, and raw oysters that my mom and aunt love. Eww. They grew up on them.

Auntie Carolyn, Poppy, Anni, and AugustRose, celebrating on the river!

I left my mom at my grans and drove an hour to visit with my bestie from junior high. Lee, yes one of the Lee's (along with my sister) who is AugustRose's namesake. We have been through thick and thin the two of us. This has been a hard couple of years for her. She lost her dad, and then a year and half later, she lost her mom. It was devastating for her. The worst part was that I was told by my agency that I would be getting a court date any day and I couldn't be there with her for her mom's funeral. I won't forgive myself for that. I should have just taken a chance. Turns out I did get a court date while I was to be at the funeral, but still. I should have been there.

Lee and I had a blast at one of Florida's old attractions called Silver Springs.

Lot's of movies have been filmed there, including all the Tarzan movies. And it has stood the test of time. Our visit was great. Her children are really growing up and I know that her oldest daughter is going to set the world on fire! She is a cheerleader/dancer and just as beautiful as any of these young starlets on tv.
(Lee and her beautiful daughter Allie)
When we left to get my mom and head for Disney, Anna cried for
one hour. Her heart is so tender. She knows Lee is like family, and reacts to leaving her just like one would when leaving a favorite Auntie! No worries though, Lee and fam will be visiting my dad's beach house in just a few more days!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

We Started Out Visiting Family

We hit the road two weeks ago. The Girlz had their Tag Readers, movies, computers, water bottles, blankets, and every other imaginable trinket in the back seat with them. And we drove. And drove. My dad was at our house before we left and drove up to Maryland, so when we got on the highway, we set up a meeting spot and he followed along with us. My mom let me do all the driving since I tend to get car sick. It wasn't as bad as it sounds. We stopped at South of the Border and spent the night and then my dad drove onto Florida since he didn't want to "linger" the way my girlz and I tend to do...
Driving into Florida got me very sentimental. It hasn't been my home for 18 years but my family is still there..As in uncles, aunts, and my grandmother. Many people think of Florida as two things, Disney World and the beach...But it is so much more. I was born in Northern Florida in a town called Gainesville. Just south of there is BIG TIME horse country. So when I think of my childhood home, I tend to remember it as horse country.
I have never seen such green grass. And the shiny coats on the horses made me wonder if there isn't something to that mane and tail horse shampoo you see every now and then. There is an easy comfort to this part of Florida. Nothing too fancy, yet full of million dollar estates that have trained many a Preakness or Belmont winner.

And then there are these. Old school stores. I don't know if every state has these, but in Florida, they have many.
Something very "white trash" about them, but also something very historical. Signs that haven't been repainted, soda coolers with the bottle openers on the outside. On a good day, you can go in and purchase boiled peanuts, spicy or plain. We are plain girlz in this house.

My uncle had a tobacco farm not too far from here. He also grew watermelon and cantaloupe. For years and years, high schoolers would come out and work for him cutting tobacco. After you did your time in the field a few years, you could come into the barns and sew the leaves together. My sister worked it for several summers. Me? I opted out. I preferred being broke even as a youngster.
We arrived at my Grandmothers house after a few days on the road. Because of a couple of health problems she was placed in a rehab, and now she is in assisted living, but at 90, she still plans to come home. If she could find someone or a program that would work with her at her house, she could do it..She and her sister on working on it..She hates the place she is in right now. She told us there were too many old people there..

Being in her home without her there was sad. So many memories. The pictures on the walls, the hundred year old microwave, little nick nax I remember from my childhood almost haunted the place. Things I had forgotten about, like the fact that my grandmother wore a fancy nightgown, and a matching robe over it. And all of her nightgowns were hung up after being washed. Rows of hangers filled with nightgowns. And the Daniel Green slippers in every color. I had also forgotten that my dear grandmother loved jewelry. Some costume, some not. But not the costume jewelry we have now. She has an entire wall cabinet full of the really great, detailed jewelry from 50 years ago..My girlz had fun with that under my mom's watchful eye..
Part of seeing her in her "old folk's home" was fine. Part of it was sad. And the other part was just miserable. Seeing so many people just laying/lying around waiting for their end to come. And most of those people are alone. Sort of heartbreaking in a lot of ways.
While in Northern Florida we drove some of the same roads, saw some of the same places that I have seen since I was a child. And mixing it in with seeing my grandmother and my aunt who is also in rehab for a stroke, made the beginning of our trip mildly depressing. But as grown ups we have to do these things. It was important to show my girlz how we treat our family. And adding a few days into our vacation in order to see family was not such a big deal...We knew while making those visits that we had Disney to look forward to. So we visited.
And then I left my mom there to continue visiting and I drove down to see my dearest high school friend. We have been besties since we were in junior high school when we started cheering together..But that will be another post. Needless to say, we had lots of laughs!