Monday, July 26, 2010

Just Some Bits...

This is all I am going to post of Disney for now..There is so much to tell about our time with the Mouse, but I want to share what is happening here at the beach, so that is where we will start!
First and foremost, the oil spill has in no way affected the shore/coastline in Naples. That is not to say it won't, but for now we are safe.
It seems like as soon as we got here, Anna's ear started to ache..This is not new and every year we end up in an Urgent Care where ever we are for antibiotics. This time, the doctor in Florida gave up drops for her ear, and with the advice to stay out of the water until the ache goes away..Two days later, we found this cap and with the help of some ear plugs, her ear healed. She looked like a little Olympic swimmer with it on.
For the first part of the trip, the girlz did a great job of managing our gypsy vacation, (always moving) but there were tons of break downs from each of them..It has been great to be in one spot for days now. Anni even mentioned that she was glad that we didn't have to wear clothes out of the suitcase.
So far we have seen dolphins and only one sting ray, and it was a flying ray that came flying out of the water. For the past couple of times, the dolphins are so close to the shore that you could touch them, if they would have allowed. It was fun! The girlz have been doing a lot of playing together while at the beach. But Lordy, let them get back to the house and AugustRose has a real fit when she doesn't get her way. I have almost eliminated the high pitch scream she does, now I am working on the jealousy. She is so concerned, that when I address Anni about anything/or nothing in particular AugustRose will say, "what about me?" If I had a dollar for how many times a day she says that...But with all the activity we do in a day, I am glad to see that the girlz have fun together..Anni will meet friends on the beach, but August, boy she doesn't want to know anyone new..She can't stand for me to address other children, especially toddlers. And she will say out loud,
"that baby is not cute!" I mean really, what is that?? I am going to reassure her the whole summer that she is the only one I want to call "baby" and not to worry about other children...Jeez!!

Ohhhh, and I found these while at my friend Lee's. They are measuring cups! You open them up and can use either the top or the bottom. For the kitchen challenged, like me, if I never use them I won't feel bad because they are deliciously cute, huh?


Tina in CT said...

My daughter used to get swimmer's ear once a summer it seemed when she was younger. She was a real fish and in the water a lot and we lived on the CT shore in the summer. Glad that your daughter is better.

Enjoy your vacation.

Annie said...

Oh! The measuring cups are wonderful!

I'm glad your girls have a couple of faults! Anastasia, at her age, still gets crazy if I admire any other little girl. She is so unsure of herself.

Anonymous said...

Girl you look like crocdile dundee in that photo.