Sunday, July 18, 2010

We visited with my grandmother through the 4th of July. Each day, we would pick up my Aunt Carolyn first then head out to the center where my Grandma is. One the way back one day, we found this great little spot on the river and pulled in. It was the 4th and there was live music, and raw oysters that my mom and aunt love. Eww. They grew up on them.

Auntie Carolyn, Poppy, Anni, and AugustRose, celebrating on the river!

I left my mom at my grans and drove an hour to visit with my bestie from junior high. Lee, yes one of the Lee's (along with my sister) who is AugustRose's namesake. We have been through thick and thin the two of us. This has been a hard couple of years for her. She lost her dad, and then a year and half later, she lost her mom. It was devastating for her. The worst part was that I was told by my agency that I would be getting a court date any day and I couldn't be there with her for her mom's funeral. I won't forgive myself for that. I should have just taken a chance. Turns out I did get a court date while I was to be at the funeral, but still. I should have been there.

Lee and I had a blast at one of Florida's old attractions called Silver Springs.

Lot's of movies have been filmed there, including all the Tarzan movies. And it has stood the test of time. Our visit was great. Her children are really growing up and I know that her oldest daughter is going to set the world on fire! She is a cheerleader/dancer and just as beautiful as any of these young starlets on tv.
(Lee and her beautiful daughter Allie)
When we left to get my mom and head for Disney, Anna cried for
one hour. Her heart is so tender. She knows Lee is like family, and reacts to leaving her just like one would when leaving a favorite Auntie! No worries though, Lee and fam will be visiting my dad's beach house in just a few more days!


Tina in CT said...

I'm sure Lee completely understood (and so would her mom) that you needed to be overseas finalizing your daughter's adoption. Is there a Mr. Lee?

Yes, her daughter is beautiful.

Boy, do your mom and aunt look alike. They could be twins.

Enjoy your vacation in Disney and hope it's not too hot.

Tina in CT said...

I just read your comment on my daughter's blog. Thanks for the support/offer, etc.

Anon really got my blood boiling. I would have said more but figured I'd really offend my daughter's readers.

I hope you and the girls are relaxing a lot and getting in good quality beach time. Naples is so gorgeous.

When do you head to Disney for vacation? It's not exactly next door to Naples.