Wednesday, August 11, 2010

For Now...

I get asked by my family and friends "Why do you want to go to Russia?"
I am working on a more comprehensive post about this..Maybe by the summer's end I will post it. It is so much more than as the clip states..But it's a start!


Hevel said...

It's funny when people ask these why's. Why did you move to Hungary? Why do you want to move to Israel? I kept getting those questions once we decided to make aliyah. I still get them. "Wasn't Ireland/America/Hungary better?"

How can you explain that feeling, that longing of leaving a peace of yourself in a foreign land?

Jen Stevens said...

Amen sistah! I want to marvel at my life and the experiences the world can bring.

Annie said...

Oh, YES, YES, YES!!!!!!

You got it! For me it is also Russia!

Or, Ireland.

Or, even a little farmhouse or log cabin in the country.... Just ANYTHING that isn't so darned BORING, and NORMAL.

But - oh, this is sad. We were talking about my cousin's house, which is really nice. And, then I was admiring farmhouses and Sergei and I got to talking about the fun of living in the country. So, I asked Sergei...if you had any amount of money what would you do? He said - get this: "I would build another house, just like the house we have now, exactly the same, except it would be newer, and nothing would be broken or messed up."

Can you take a child like this - a child who previously lost his home, again and again - away from this home?

Jojo, Julz, Julianne said...

and everyone..
I left a big peice of me in Russia. Most of it is in Khabarovsk, and wee bit in Novosibirsk, and another wee bit in Moscow..I think I want to get it back, and then leave a peice of MY GIRLZ there..I want to give back to the country that gave me the most amazing gift. I want my girlz who are 100% American to feel just a little bit like Russians. It's weird. I know.
But with the stability of a teaching job, and help if I need it, it will be a controlled adventure...I think it is very possible to love and feel a part of two countries.