Monday, September 06, 2010

Aren't We The Happy Family?

The say you can learn a lot about people simply from their portraits..You know,
people naturally move and conform in a moment and the camera lense captures the "trueness" of the family...Well, for us, its a lie..We are happy there, yes. But this is not how I have felt this week. Overwelmed with the millions of school things I have to do, overwhelmed at the millions of things I need to do at my house...And on top of it, I have to get myself and the girlz to a dentist appointment, eye doctor for the girlz, yearly appointment for the girlz, which means I have to take a day off of work at least a couple of times this month..(this is when I wish I didn't go to Florida for so long)
I am not being a very good mother lately. I cannot get my girlz to clean up their messes. And what I want to do is throw out about 1/2 of what they own..BECAUSE they have too much. Too many different little sets of things. Too many times they have eaten in their room leaving crumbs..Too many times I let them convince me that they will do it in the morning. (And they don't)

Sorry. No happy happy today.
Today I am just OVER, being a single mom. Right about now I wish I could say,
"You two better clean up, or WAIT TIL YOUR FATHER GET'S HOME"


Tina in CT said...

Having a father doesn't solve it. Not all fathers are helpful but I was lucky as my ex was.

I never allowed my daughter to eat outside the kitchen so no crumbs. I don't allow it either for my grandchildren.

As for picking up, it's a constant battle. My daughter was not good at it and I kept after her as a younger child. As a high schooler, it was almost a losing battle. One day I heard the dog crying and our poor little dachshund was in the middle of large bedroom surrounded by "stuff" and he couldn't find a path to the door. Now that she is an adult, she likes her apt. neat and everything in it's place and is fanatical about clean floors. Guess I did something right.

Schedule all those medical appointments on days off for Jewish holidays, Columbus Day, etc. so not to have to take time off.

Tina in CT said...

A lovely picture of you and the girls. It must be from the collection you had taken in the spring.

Jen Stevens said...

I have someone to fall back on and we still fight those battles. Sometimes you just get so caught up in life that remembering to stay consistant is so much less than an after thought.
We will all muddle through and before you know it the harried craze will subside and you'll feel normal again.
And that great toy purge. I've done it and I can't tell you how wonderful it feels. Clean up is so much easier! And ya know what, Avery even thanked me for it, who'da thunk it.

Kat said...

I had a Mom and Dad and my Mom still struggled to get me to not in my bedroom, pick up my stuff and do my chores. You're an awesome mom. Don't be too hard on yourself.