Saturday, October 23, 2010

Favorite Movies...The Color Purple - Best Scene

I saw the Color Purple when I was a teenager. And I was moved, even then, by the powerful message for women in the dinner scene. I hadn't really been "man-handled" nor had I truly  lost my power to any man, but I got it. I was 15. I knew that at some point, something, maybe a man, a job, a relationship, would hold me like a prisoner. I could see that friendships could save me. I could see that standing up to those jailhouse keepers and putting a metaphorical knife to their throat would be next to impossible to do, but doable once you reach that level of inner strength that Miss Celie had at the end of the movie...And what gave her that strength? (her children) 

There have been lots of other movies that touched me in one way or another over the years..As a child of the eighties, 16 Candles was a biggie, and FlashDance, White Nights, and Pretty in Pink bring some strong memories.(As a kid I wanted to be a dancer!!)
As an adult, I can honestly say, I have only seen a handful of movies. In the 7 years that I have been a parent, I have only seen 2 movies. 2~ And they were both of the Sex and the City Movies..Those are guilty pleasures movies and not the kind that would make top ten lists.

I did and still love Beaches and Steele Magnolias as all time best tear jerker movies..I never watched horror flicks but did watch The Blair Witch Project since it was filmed around here. I got sucked into the hype..Dumb..

My other top favorites are Spike Lee movies..Crooklyn and Do The Right Thing stand out as movies I could watch over and over.
Other guilty pleasure movies are the Fridays movies...Again, can't recommend them, I just giggle a whole lot when I watch them.

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Annie said...

Hm.....well, I guess we wouldn't be going to movies together; I've never seen any of those! But, I don't go to movies much either, so we can still be friends.

Weirdly,this morning I was wondering if my favorite comedies, that I haven't seen for years would hold up now - Shampoo, The Owl and the Pussycat, The Goodbye Girl. I was HORRIBLY disappointed to see Tootsie a couple of years ago only to find I didn't like it as much as I had previously. Maybe I changed. Got more prudish?
I don't know. Or would I have enjoyed it if Aidan and Lydia hadn't been watching it with me?