Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day 10, What I Am Afraid Of...

There are two really big things that I am afraid of..
The first one is losing my parents..Since I am terrified, I won't even write much..

The other thing I am afraid of is being in staying in the emotional, financial, and professional place that I am right now..For very much longer. The last time I felt this way, I walked into my principals office and resigned for that next school year. I didn't have a plan, or an idea of what I would do, nor did I care. I just had to get out..I remember this sense of Dread that would wash over me as I drove into my old school...I could literally feel myself sinking into my car seat debating whether or not I should drive away to never never land...Once I resigned, I felt great!!
I can't do that now, and that makes me feel trapped. Feeling trapped, well, it ain't good..

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Annie said...

Oh, I am so sorry. You do need a change. Isn't it a bummer that we can't write very much about our jobs on blogs, "just in case"..... I need to write a whole lot about mine, which used to be such a bright, shining place for me. Now I feel inadequate and ashamed, because I am so much an "underachiever"; useless. I know I could do so many wonderful things, but no one wants me to. I'm stuck in my little room and not let out.