Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day 4.. My Parents

This is another easy one for me!
I grew up very  normally. Cept for the fact that we were farm people. Some people call that "country".
My parents were great. My mom was a super tyrant at times. But Thank God for that. It got my crazy out of control ass under control..She was a teacher, then principal at my school so she was always around me and my sister. She was very strict on us. Grades, behavior, our chores, all that was NO JOKE in the Green house! But my mom was very lovey too. She rode my butt like a mule, but I always knew she loved me..She was always very proud of me. I could feel it.

I was the son my dad never had. He used to take me everywhere with him. I used to go to U of F Gator games with him. (Which is how I learned to drive on the Florida Turnpike at 13) I went to work with him and played on the phones and with the typewriters..Hello, it was before computers!! We went on business trips, (which is where I drove my first Lincoln Continental across Canada at 14). I was always pretty tight with him. My dad was much more tender hearted than most dads. He went to all of our events. Never missing a thing. He has and still calls me TIGER..I can count on One hand the times I have heard him say my real name. Seriously. His coworkers, friends, and family all know me as Tiger.. My dad and I are still very close. He loves my girlz dearly, and leaves in the wee early hours of the day, since it's too hard for him to see his little ones cry when he goes back to Florida. I have always traveled to visit my dad when he lived overseas. At 42, I still don't go more than a couple of months without seeing my dad.

My parents divorced when I was 16 and it was painful and awful just like everyone else's. But the key to it was my dad never left my mom stranded. They always worked as a team, and made sure my sister and I felt like a family. They have never remarried and still spend all of the holidays and birthdays together with my sister and I, and of course my girlz.

The relationship I have with my parents was pretty much explained when I adopted Anni and Auggie..
Mom went on Trip 1 for Anna's adoption. Dad went on Trip 2.
(sister met us in Moscow)
Dad went on Trip 1 for Auggie. Mom went on Trip 2.
(sister met us in Moscow)
How many parents would drop everything, run around for last minute visa documents, then spend thousands of dollars for their child? Most wouldn't or couldn't. Mine found a way to do it. Twice.

I can't complain. My parents are rock stars.


Tina in CT said...

I bet your parents get teary eyed when they read tonight's blog. What a special relationship you have with your parents.

Annie said...

How dear - your love for your parents absolutely shines through your blog.

But, honestly, I never could understand divorce when people actually get along.

Tina in CT said...

Annie - Call me some time and I'll explain.