Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day ? What I Believe...

I believe that God is with me. He gets a twisted kick out of my sense of humor..Hey, HE gave it to me..I love God and work everyday to be good FOR him. I want everyone to follow The Word of Jesus Christ, but I will love you if you aren't there yet. But I do want you to give J.C. a chance..

I believe in tolerance. In all aspects, but mostly in reference to homosexuality. My heart tells me to pray about it because I don't think God really loves the idea...But he also doesn't love anything that puts us at odds with The Word. I am happy that our world is slowly becoming more tolerant about this. Being in the DC area, I have had enough education to know its not really a choice...It's not really a huge part of my life, but my sister is. And by golly, I won't have anyone slamming her for any reason..I CAN, but no one else can!

I believe that people with money, Lot's of money, are often the people that should never be trusted with it.

I believe that being a parent should be the FIRST priority in every mother or father's life..I believe you give up your every chance at freedom, relaxation, adult time, and free time alone, when you become a parent. Anything and everything we do should be mirrored against how it will affect our children. We have to give up our secret dreams in order to be a responsible parent.

I believe that pride is disgusting. I know I often post happy happy love love posts here, but in order to be honest and truthful, I do admit to being lazy, messy, a smoker, fat, and dreamy...I am not perfect, nor is my life..If you aren't sharing the ugly in your life, I don't want to see the pretty.

I believe that some time soon, something amazing will happen to our family..Maybe it will not be amazing to you, but,
{Anna's first swim meet is fabulous to me}
{getting a mortgage that will lower my payment by $500.oo is awesome to me}
{a first winter snow is a small miracle to this Florida girl}
{Trick or Treating with the GodFamily}
So see, believing in small wonders can really be amazing...

Pray for  a far away friend who is struggling with many aspects of her life. She is a mom and needs support and love and just isn't getting it..

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