Friday, October 15, 2010

Kate Got Me Motivated...

To throw a bunch of randoms together and share a little about what's been going on over the last few weeks. And since I cleaned my memory cards from both cameras, I have some pictures to share!!

We had a wonderful visit from Anna. Anna was one of the wonderful ladies who I worked with in Khabarovsk during my lil Anna's adoption. We have kept in touch over the years, and she visits the states every so often. It feels good to chat with her, but her news about the stall in international adoptions is heartbreaking. Families waiting, families wanting to go to court, and most sad, the many children waiting..Just waiting to find forever families.

We visited with Anna before I knew I wouldn't be going to Russia. She was thrilled to possibly help me adjust..Ugg. This is when I want to throw a glass against a wall, because I had so many little ideas and offers to help...This is also when I want to drop an EFF bomb. It just irritates me that someone or some board would choose a teacher with a few years teaching, because they are cheaper. That it would really come down to money. It doesn't matter the experience, drive, determination, or dedication of the teacher with two children. What matters is that teacher is too expensive..Ok ok, no more negative nelly. Just not up for it tonight..
My dad was here and he and the girlz, and me, sort of, did some gardening. It was very surprising how strong Anna is getting. AugustRose was busy throughout the day doing anything but working. She picked up lots of rocks, and moved them around the yard. Then moved them back. And then moved them again...

We've been to the doctor's this week.Obviously the girlz had to get down to their undeeees. Of course we had to cover our "boobies" in order to get the shot..The reason for the photo was to distract the girlz about the shots they were about to get. I always tell them when they are getting shots. I tell them the truth that it will hurt for a bit, but I will hold them and love on them and when it's over, we will get a treat and take a nap together. And this is exactly what we did! Poor August had 6 shots. We had to get the final MMR, DTap, and Varicella.Then she had to get her first HEP A and a flu shot. The other shot was one that I was supposed to get 6 months after her last appointment, but didn't do it.. Anna had to get her first HEP A and a flu shot. It was 

And here is where our little family has spent the past month and a half..At the pool. Anna is getting really good at swimming, and will be in her first meet in November. August and I watch her and get to spend some time together reading stories all the while getting dizzying head rushes from the chlorine filled air at the aquatic center..It's the best exercise and although Anni is really clumsy on land, in the water she is pretty graceful. August has no desire to do it. She says she will do it next year...Hmmm. I don't believe her.
And this is why I have to get a new job. What you can't tell is that it takes me over 10 minutes to get to that little green sign at the top of the picture. Every doggone day. Lost hours of my life looking at the back of cars filled with drivers who seem hostile and irritated to be on the road...

I have decided that each time I post I want to add a prayer request section..If you want me to add a prayer for you, please just add it in the comments..These requests are coming from my Facebook page.

For my dear friend A, she would like prayer for her family's finances. It's a rough time out there, she is an adoptive mom with a house full of children, and a heart of gold...
For a childhood friend N. Like me, she has a truck driver's mouth..We both need to honor God with our words..
For my Church friend S, she is looking for Mr. Right. Hello, I know that feeling.. I know S pretty well, and her Mr. Right's gotta be a real stand up kind of guy with a heart and soul for the Lord!
For Our Sweet E This is a child who was thought to have a tragic illness...Although she does not have the disease that the doctors thought she had, a final diagnosis has not been found, and she is struggling. This is an 8 year girl...Let's all raise this baby up in prayer.
For My 2 BFF's One here in VA and one in FLA...I ask that God gives each of them peace. One in her struggle with her sibling after the death of her mother drove a wedge between them...The other is going through a painful, awful, divorce..I wish I could walk in each of your shoes when it gets too hurtful. I love you both as though you were my sisters, and I can't stand to see you hurting.


Tina in CT said...

6 shots! Poor girl. I don't know what most of them are for.

Was it not possible to buy closer to where you work to avoid the commute? I'd hate being in that traffic too.

Great that your daughter is into swimming as it's such a wonderful sport. Is there a place to wait that isn't inside the pool area?

Who are all the kids with you in the first picture?

Sherrie said...

I love all of your stories and pictures!

I do have a prayer request. I am doing inclusion math and the regular ed teacher I am working with. Is finding most things I am doing with my kids is not necessary and babying them. She doesn't understand their disabilities. It has been such a stressful week being in "her" room and at work in general. Very depressing!

kate said...

somehow a post full of random bits is less daunting, isn't it? and they end up long and chatty!

there is much good in the G house. ;>

Annie said...

Thanks for the prayer, dear one.

What exactly happened with the job? I missed the details. I always wonder if I'd have any chance for such a position. (Or any teaching position here or abroad, because I have a lot of teaching experience, but none that actually "counts" as "years of experience".) Was it experience that stood in your way? That's my husband's problem - it is just ridiculous.

But another on-line friend was working at a school where they teachers had to bring their own pencils, tape, everything - EVEN COPY PAPER.

Jojo, Julz, Julianne said...

The kiddies in the picture are my GodChildren. Their mother is my dearest friend! We met through a Yahoo group while I was waiting to go back to Russia, and she was about to send her hosted son back to Russia to finish up..
Her son is from Khabarovsk, her baby is from Kraznoyarsk, and her middle child is from Moscow, and the second oldest is Home Grown..She also has another home grown 17 year old who wasn't with us! YEP 5 babies!!

And I am trying to get a transfer to a school nearer to my home. It will be so tough to leave my school. I have been there for 13 years.And I am sort of a creature of habit where that is concerned!