Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Sister

Of all the relationships I have, this one is probably the most complex. My sister and I are very different. Very. I am Christian, she is Buddhist. I am a junk food eater, she is vegetarian. I am straight, she is gay. I am pretty much a non-dater, she is in a committed relationship. I am always with my parents, she isn't. I have an independent streak that she doesn't have. I am forever early, she is always late. I don't give a shit what people think of my girlz, and she is worried if they run out of the house looking like gypsies. I have a million close girlfriends, and she is sort of a loner..
I don't mean to paint her in a negative light. Because I adore her. But  honestly, since she came out a thousand years ago, we just don't do much together anymore. I moved to DC to be near her. And we have just drifted. When we are together for more than a couple of days, one of two things happens. She gets upset because my girlz are wild and loud, and like I said before, gypsy-fied..Or, we have a silly blast, like when we are at my dad's beach house.
We don't really argue. But she gets frustrated with me and my dad. Again, the loud factor. I yell at my dad all the time about letting my girlz go Buck Wild at his house but it really bothers my sister..
My sister is an outrageously wonderful Auntie. She was the ONLY person in my life who didn't want me to go to Russia. She knew that it would be most hard for her to get over to see us..My girlz love their Aunti so much. She is caring and patient and enjoys the activities she does with my girlz.
My sister and I are working on our relationship. The problem is, I am boring. All I ever do is school stuff, kidz stuff, and Church stuff. That leaves little time for doing something fun, just the two of us..
She is struggling right now, and I am hoping that we find time to spend time together to chat about it..
I love my sister so much. She is the one person in the world that I want to get closer to!
Here's to you LDG, my cool ass sister!


Tina in CT said...

Isn't it something how two people raised together can be so different? It's what makes the world go 'round.

Hope that as the years go by, you two become closer and closer.

How wonderful that she's such a great aunt for your two girls.

Is she also a teacher?

Annie said...

This is a great post, because you managed to point out so many funny quirks in human nature and relationships. For example - she is flouting (basically) so many norms, and yet YOU are the "independent" one. You seem more conservative, but don't care if your girls get a little crazy, but she, the counter-cultural one, wants them to go forth, well dressed and well-comported. It is all kind of amusing, but says a lot about many relationships, I guess.

I am SO glad you started this series. YAHOO to whomeever planted that seed!

Hevel said...

I love it when yoz write about your sister: you might be different, but there is that bond.