Monday, November 08, 2010

Day 21 Favorite City

Hands Down, no question, Khabarovsk Russia...


Tina in CT said...

Stonington, CT, for me.

Annie said...

I'd vote Ivanovo, except I do love Moscow, too....and never got to spend enough time in other Russian cities to know.

I lived in Telluride, Colorado before it was "discovered" and it was an amazing place then.

Portland, Oregon is really a tremendous city to live in; I SO loved living there.

I love little villages, and get thrilled by big cities. A perfect life would be the opportunity to live in both for part of the year.

Jen Stevens said...

Amen Sistah!!! The crunch of the leaves under your feet while you walk along the Amur.
Kids riding bikes on the cobblstone space above the boardwalk.
Walking through the parks and chasing pigeons.

I love it all!