Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 29 and 30 Wishes...and a Picture

It's tough to ponder what I really wish for..I am still, after several months, adjusting to the fact that I won't be in Russia next year..Funny, all the things I was willing to walk away from are seeming more and more important to me..Swim Team, Ballet, my home, my mom, dad, and sister, neighborhood playtime, my Church, friends, are beginning to bring me the everyday joy I have been missing..Although I haven't truly come up with a plan B, I guess my wish would be to find a job closer to home..A job that brings me satisfaction...
I am posting a picture of AugustRose from the summer at my dad's beach house.
This weekend I got a copy of our last post placement report. Our time under the control of the Russian authorities is officially over. I am sad about it. I have been either in the process of adopting or doing PPRs for the past 8 years. Weird to think that I am finished with it all..Thank you Novosibirsk and Komsomolsk for giving me the most precious gifts. A peice of my heart will always be with both cities!


Annie said...

We just did Ilya's last PP report and I feel the same way!!!! I want to go back.

Hm...there was just an article in th paper yesterday about an adoptive mom, single lady, with six kids. (Just a hint)

And you don't have the burden of a disapproving husband.

I'm glad you are feeling attached to more things at home. I wish I felt the same way. I feel SO unconnected, somehow.....

Anonymous said...

Hi! I found your blog not too long ago as I'm interested in Russia too. I have a nearly 11-yr-old daughter from Novosibirsk, adopted 2 yrs ago, plus an 11-yr-old wonderful bio daughter. As a family, we'd also LOVE to move to Russia for the adventure so I understand your frustration. What orphanage is your Novo daughter from?

Cheryl in Idaho

Jojo, Julz, Julianne said...

Adoption is DONE for me..I can barely make ends meet as it is..I don't want to be THIS poor, I can't imagine trying to make it with three..Although, my aches for one more chance to get my ballerina!! Hee Hee. Looks like I am gonna have little swimmers..BORING!!!!
And I am desperately trying to connect to home. I have to right now..As I said, there STILL isn't a plan B.
So I will be going to Russia this summer on my own dime..Although I am trying to teach English somewhere just to make some extra cash!

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Tina in CT said...

Missed your blog. Are you just busy with the holidays and girls?

Annie said...

Right! I guess we need to issue another blogging challenge!