Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Christmas Eve!

I couldn't let the most special holiday come and not wish you all a wonderful, candy coated, delicious, warm and fuzzy CHRISTMAS!
We spent last weekend at the Gaylord Hotel seeing ICE, and riding little trains, visiting Santa, and generally soaking in the wonder that is UBER Christmas at the most amazing hotel in the world. My mom and sister, the girlz and I had a great time!
Be with those you love this year, go slow and don't rush through the festivities. Make cookies and wrap prezzies together. Love your children and parents. Life goes by so fast, so get those memories implanted on your family. They won't forget them. Buy too much, eat too much, but regret very little. As I have gotten older, I appreciate the holiday more as the Big J's birthday. I find myself more and more sentimental about that poor little mother and father carrying such a heavy burden of being the parents of Christ. They had to be in such Awe of what was happening. As time goes on, I GET it more and more. The Awe of the season..

So have a wonderful holiday all around.
To Tina, and Annie, and Hillary, and Kate, Sherrie, Missi, Moscow Mom and her girlz, The Beet and her family, Marco and his dear daughter E, to all the readers who don't comment but read,
BE safe and full of love this season..See you next year and GOD BLESS YOU!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Much Needed Break...

Several readers have emailed me and asked where I have been..As I told them, I am frankly depressed by my own blog..Since it's inception, it has been a journey surrounded by, and in some ways over shadowed by, Russia.
And although I found out months ago that AAS would not hire me because of their 1dependant per teaching adult rule, I have yet to come up with a PLAN B.. Now is the time where I should confess something. I never intended Russia to be our forever home. A 2 year teaching assignment would be a much needed break from my own job, which by the way, I LOATHE..It would be a break from the person I have become. A break from feeling inadequate in my own world. Feeling so financially strapped puts a burden on me like nothing other. It puts a bitterness in my heart, and mainly against the employer who hasn't raised my salary in 3 years...
So for me, I was going to put on my adoption colored glasses and head to Russia for a chance to feel like Somebody. The somebody who can afford fun trips and neat little adventures that I can't so much afford here..

So that's where I have been, still pouting and irritable. BUT trying to put on a happy face about the world I do have...
And in the world I do have, we have SWIM TEAM! and ballet, and OH,,,,my dad went back to work. and is at the farm near Philly, so he comes down a lot and visits!!
We have school and preschool, and neighborhood play time, and yard decorations for Christmas!!
I will be back to the blog after the new year, when in one quick countdown, I will resolve to not let AAS and Russia hurt my feelings!
I'll post some pics this week, then we celebrate the halfway point of this rotten school year!!!
(see, still bitter!)