Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Thanks Every One..

I just wanted to touch base and let you all know that appreciate all of your encouraging words!!

(I may be back before that)

Monday, December 19, 2011

"Yes, I am a 12 year old.."

Ya know when something happens and it irritates you. You let it roll off your back and sort of move on. At those times, it doesn't feel personal.  You don't forget, but you don't let it sink in to your soul and really bother you.. It doesn't make you question decisions or
people, today aint that day.
Today, the "thing" that has irritated me is one of those that makes me go...Are you effing kidding me?" "After all I have done..."

Some NYC cuteness....

And yes, my response will make you ask yourself, "What is she 12?"  and as the title of this indicates, Yes..There are times when I am just that. 12

I won't go into specifics, (Okay I will just not yet) but needless to say, that when you make it about my kiddos, it's over.
Remember, I am still pissed at some for NOT showing up at the airport to welcome AugustRose home. Of course Missi was there. Why wouldn't she be? We are real friends. It's deep and that's what friends do. We were hours late, and she had driven up to DC to meet us, and then waited for us...Waited, and waited...I love her for that..
She showered Auggie with gifts before and after her arrival. She called and checked on us, and of course gave crucial advice. My Florida BFF was so concerned about our transition that she and her daughter got on a plane 1 day after Christmas and came to stay with me.Lee, I won't ever forget that. It's what people who love you do. (My family was there for me, and I don't lessen their invaluable help. There is no GreenGirlz without my mom, dad, and sis..) But this is about friendships that I had grown to value, and am saddened to learn they weren't reciprocal.

So yesterday I realized that no matter what I do, my Sundays won't ever be like they were. Cause I just can't

My Church has moved onto a place of family focused fellowship. And when I say family focused, I mean a mom, dad, and 2.5 children. What used to feel welcoming and warm to me, now leaves this "singletonwithchildren" out of the loop. Many things are geared to be inclusive, but without a group or a at least a friend or two, I feel awkward attending anything other than Sunday school for the girlz.  I cannot go to small group, because I am simply too worn out on Thursday nights at 6.30-9.00 pm. There is no childcare and quite honestly most people don't get how my job is different than other types of jobs. My job not only physically wears me out, but emotionally, it drains me to the point of tears almost daily. Not only that, but I have school work to do each night. Oh, and let me throw in the 2 graduate courses I am taking. (So when I hear people say, "It's only 2 nights a month." I want to rip my ears off my head..

NYC at the Macy's Parade

My need to be spiritually fed is not met because I am teaching Sunday school all the time.
I tried to take myself off the schedule but was put on again. I have been teaching since 6 months after I joined the Church. Long before I had children of my own. We have 3 services..And a million children, but the tiniest percentage of parents help out as our membership requires..So like with so many other organizational requirements, "It's Important til It's Not." It has been asked that parents volunteer, but somehow I am teaching more. Which means I don't go to service. Parents show up at the door with coffee in their hand, and I want to say, "Don't you realize we are all waiting for you?" I have to leave my own daughter in her class while parents mosey up to get their kids..and let me throw in, most of these parents DO NOT volunteer in KidsTime..My though is, if you have a child in the program, you should be serving. But no. And it doesn't seem to bother anyone but me.  I could stay for the second service and put my kids in the VIP Lounge, but again..After teaching, I am ready to get the heck outta dodge and decompress. Only hours from that point I have to spend the entire day with OPP at my real job. So I leave. I come home, stare at my messy house, and stare some more.

Ok, so back to now. Back to why I am a 12 year old today.
As we are all aware, it's Christmas Time. And with that comes a Christmas Eve service for adults and children. Last year my girlz were asked to participate in the children's service. When I happily agreed, I assumed most families were asked. At the first practice I realized it was a select few. We were "chosen." There were several practices and as a teacher, I was active in managing movement, assisting with songs, etc...I was so busy with it, but I realized and was proud that we were a chosen family. I took it as a nod for being a constant teacher at KidsTime, and a nod to my girlz for being well mannered. It was a blast last year and my girlz were tickled to be on stage and among the cast of the show.. So I hadn't heard what would be the plan for this year. It just days away from the service and nothing.
So yesterday in the middle of the KidsTime lesson, the leader says, "and some of our kids are going to be in the show on Christmas Eve. Raise your hands if you have been CHOSEN." HOLY KRAP... obviously my family missed out on being chosen...I was furious. After showing up for OPP for years, my family was no longer in the chosen group..No I don't lead the group service in KidsTime, I am just a teacher. But that is the one spot where the need is greatest..No, I don't volunteer to teach at all the services, but I am ONE person..
During song time, I hid my fury and asked the leader what was going on. She shared that an email was sent out asking for names. Ok, I am there teaching all the time. Why didn't I get the email? If it was sent to the whole group leaders then that would be typical..Ask the ones who aren't actually in the classes..Ask the ones who get the glory..Anyway, of everyone who  got the email, no one thought to ask the family who helped so much last year? No one thought to ask a TEACHER who knows how to manage children? And the kicker, no one thought to ask the 2 little girls who are the kindest most easy to manage?  So on the way home, I got to explain to them why they were not asked to be in the service, "I guess they wanted to give other children a chance" I told them..(Yeah right, I saw the kids whose hands went up..)

So, just like a 12 year old, I am taking my toys and going home. Times change and I have felt the change for years. I have spoken on the phone less than 10 times to friends from Church in 3 years.
Because I am single, I don't really fit in with the marrieds, because I have children I don't really fit into the singles. The direction of the Church as a whole is clear to some, but because I am upstairs with the children, I often have no idea what is going on. And this devastates me. Church used to be where All of my friends were. For example on Sunday, I left and 2 of my small group didn't even acknowledge me..Or my girlz.
There are so many new people at our Church and I feel like an outsider while there. It seems that the focus has been on the new families, and some of us are left on our own. So many things require the one thing I am short on, time. Today  I told my girlz that we won't be going to the Christmas Eve service. I can't be there and watch children perform and none of them live in my house. (This is where you say I am acting like a 12 year old)

It's funny the things that hurt us..

Marriott Loveliness

What's not funny is when my littles get hurt..And that won't happen twice.
NYC after the parade...

I have decided that we will go to the Gaylord Hotel and have dinner on Christmas Eve. The girlz were bummed to miss Church, but they would be even more bummed if they saw some friends on the stage knowing they were left out..
I can't wait for the next 3 days to be over. My dad is here for a few weeks, and we will enjoy this holiday like crazy. The girlz have some really cool treats going under the tree! Hint Hint, pretty much all of their presents are for outdoor play. They are such yard dogs and need a couple of things to make their outdoor adventures a bit more fun!

It's ok if you think I am acting like a 12 year old..Sometimes I feel like a 12 year old..

Friday, December 16, 2011


4school days til a break in the chaos..4 work days til I can stop worrying about things/children that only belong to me for 8 hours a day..4 more wake up days that fill me with anxiety and dread...

It's no one's fault. It's just the way the ball bounces at Title I schools. There's a reason that the government pays off the student loans of teachers at schools like mine. They are places full of teachers who desperately want to help children, but are hindered often by the parents of those very students..

My lil sibling who lost her sister is just pitiful. Several kids in my class cry a lot. Several of them also are convinced with every Boo-Boo that they may die. I have used 100's of bandages in a week. They all just need reassurance that they are okay..Bless their hearts. This week was full of hugs. Today on the playground, one lil gal who left school yesterday with a toothache, sat on my lap..and fell asleep. Her took throbbing,  (I wanted to keep her at school at least through lunch) I rubbed her jaw and she seemed to get a lil rest. Again, bless their hearts...

My own lil gals are in the bed with me tonight..I feel guilty. Something has to give. My head spins as I try to imagine where I will find the time to look for another teaching job. Honestly, it might be time for another lil break. I took one 8 years into my teaching career, and it was a savior. If I could take another one, I think I might be okay for the final stretch. I have 9 more years til' full retirement. If I kept going, that would mean right about the time college will start for my girlz, I will retire....And start a new job..Hmmm...
Not sure about that one..

Ok..just checkin' in..

Saturday, December 10, 2011


A child at my school died yesterday. It was a sudden sickness and then it was over.
Her lil' sister is in my class..
And I am not sure how this is going to affect my whole class. They all knew her, and loved her as the big sis of someone in my class...
I am devastated for the family...

Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Blur ...

So, yeah. It's again, been a while since I have posted. Teaching has been a real nightmare this year. Not just for me, but the whole school. So much so that we had to have a whole staff meeting to discuss the downfall of morale. We all pretty much left the meeting feeling worse. So I have decided to do my work in the hours the county has provided. What doesn't get finished, doesn't get finished. I will no longer spend hours and hours trying to finish the mindless dribble that is required. I will do it. Just on my time. I have been giving my job the better parts of me, and that is over. I am now giving it to my girlz.

So let's back up and share a bit. Halloween was great. We went to our local pumpkin patch and went trick or treating with Missi and Phoebe. It was an awesome night.

For Thanksgiving we went to NYC like we have always done. Last year we didn't go and it felt sad and depressing. So this year we took the Vamoose Bus and stayed in lower Manhattan. We watched the parade, went to the 9-11 Memorial, and shopped all over town. It was awesome. My mom will be in bed for days. She was tired after a few blocks of walking. Our favorite part was going to The Cake Boss bakery. We met Buddy's sisters and took home a whole lotta pastries.

As usual the girlz were amazing. I really enjoy traveling with them. They are so fun and appreciative of the effort and cost of taking them places. I get loads of "thank yous" and it feels great to know they understand that these trips aren't magically given to them.
My dad gave them 100 dollars to spend and they were thoughtful in their purchases and did a great job of planning for what they would get.
Manhattan has always been my favorite U.S. place. I would live their in a minute if I somehow stumbled upon a few million dollars to find a place. AugustRose actually cried a bit on the way home. She said she wanted to live their for "just a little while." She loved the busy streets and bright lights from the skyscrapers. It's odd because she is more nervous about so many things, that you would think the place would terrify her. But no. She held my hand the whole time and was just fine with that. Luckily every cab we took had seatbelts, because she is safety aware. She would tell the cab driver to wait until she got herself all clipped in.
October and Novemnber was a blur of school and girlz. December is my girlz month.
Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

It seems that I can’t catch a moment to write in my blog...My class this year is so language impacted that I feel like an ELL teacher. 19 of 20 qualify for services. And most have never been away from momma so they expect that I will feed them at lunch and even help with toileting. Needless to say, I am reworking each of my plans at night..So my own children are getting my Left-Over time. And I cannot tell you how much it grates my nerves. I am doing a great job in my class, but at home, not so much.
Because I never seem to be the mom I want to be, I have set up a family day every weekend. So far we have gone to DC for some Monument Fun with Missi and her tribe, gone on a picnic with my dad, and sister, and new doggie cousin, and gone ice-skating last weekend. (Missi’s kids talked me into going..)
(The pictures are funny because look at the girlz clothes. And the pics were taken 6 days apart. Yes! we have crazy weather)
Family day makes me feel a little less guilty about pouring most of myself into other people’s children. There is a Russian market near the ice skating rink and I had never been, so Missi’s fam and mine went. It was mostly food, a deli of sorts. While there, Anni found these little ring/break stick things that I had given her when she was a baby in Russia. She showed them to me and I burst into tears. Happy Tears of course, but Anni was shaken by that and cried too. I asked her, “Anni why are you crying?” She said, ”It makes me cry when you cry.” I explained that there were tears of joy and then we both laughed at how silly we were acting.. But I am still after all these years so incredibly appreciative of the Russian Federation for my girlz. I’m a sap, I know...

People always say how great it must be to be a teacher, and at times it is. But with the climate in education changing so much, it is getting more and more administrative and less instructional..OK wait, not less instructional. We are actually expected to fit everything into our day. I can’t imagine any teacher getting their work done in the 7.5 hours we work...I am spending at least 3.5 to 4 hours a night reworking lessons, grading papers, planning lessons, making templates, making forms, etc..And I am not alone. No one at my school pulls the 9-4 routine. We simply cannot get our work done.

Most of the problem starts in the homes of our students. I have a class where most of the children are not ready.

As in never used scissors, glue sticks, folded paper, painted, or listened to a story being read to them..Isn’t that almost criminal?
I won’t even tell you the stories of some of the children at my school, but not my class, that have suffered such abuse and neglect that I actually think and pray for these children every day. Life and parenthood is open to anyone. And some families have no business parenting. Can you imagine just letting a child come to school knowing there is no lunch money? Can you imagine sending a child to school knowing that you have done none of the work to prepare your child?
I cannot. But it is me that faces those children everyday. And I struggle with the fact that I give them the best of myself it seems. Cause what’s left at night, ain’t great...And I am sad about how to manage both..
My girlz are thriving. My DC bestie, Missi and I chat about how different our kids are from each other. Her family has been go go go since they were babies, and we tried that last year and it was awful...As much as I’d love my girlz to be on the Russian STAT swimming team, our lil’ family can’t manage being out and about each night.

We still do dance and AugustRose is on the STAT preteam, but our combined days out are 3 days. And we are home before dark on those days..My girlz are outside/yard kids. They love to play make believe and walk the neighborhood dogs, and go on adventures in the creek..Traditional kids stuff..And Hey, I didn’t want to be on the road every night.

We are back to doing our traditional Thanksgiving Trip to NYC. We will meet up with Aunt Lee and AlleeKat while there. We have gone every year except last year, and the year that we were in Russia for our court trip to finalize AugustRose’s adoption. By the way, her Gotcha day is Thanksgiving Day. How sweet is that?
This year, along with going to the Macy’s Parade, we are heading to Hoboken to see the Cake Bosses' Bakery. We know we might not meet him, but we get to see his bakery, and maybe we can meet his sisters...Should be a great time. Our hotel is a block away from the September 11th Memorial. So far we can’t get tickets. But I will keep trying to find a way... I would like to find Laurie Ann Neira’s name on the Memorial. I participated in Project 2996 and honored her on my blog that day...

I found her daughter on Facebook and we chatted once..I wonder if she knows I still think of her mother? I I want to do a rubbing of her mom’s name and send it to her..
While there, I can do a rubbing for anyone who knows someone who died on September 11th. It would be my honor.

So that's us..Busy Busy but I guess it could be waaayyyy worse... Left overs aren't always so bad.

Monday, September 26, 2011


This has been hell of a year. Lot's of sadness and anger on many fronts. Some mine, some my friends.
But I am getting better. I am learning the truest of truths this year. I am learning how to manage when there is no help to be given. I am learning to be a better teacher, when the enormity of the job ahead is almost laughable.
I am learning to be patient with myself. I am learning to let go of my demons and focus on how joyous it is to be a mother, daughter, sister, friend.

I am throwing my resume into a lot of new arenas. Because some dreams are made for holding onto. I am still of the mind to get our family overseas. And it will happen..

My AugustRose has started Kindergarten and loves it. She is fearful of the bus, so my mom drives her each day. Anna, the indy girl still rides it. Both girlz are back in dance. Anna in two classes, AR in one.
AR is in swim this year. A pre-team. Anna didn't want to be on the team this year. She told me that she would if it would, "make you happy momma."  And of course, I told her No way. Do what makes YOU happy Annechka. She'd rather have yard time.
We are looking into doing the team once a week. Just for the fitness aspect. We'll see.

All I know, is things are feeling a bit better around here.

Saturday, September 24, 2011


My sister and I took the girlz to an ice skating party today. I did ok until I started skating alone and going pretty fast, and then I went airborne and fell..On my head. Some how my own skate cut my hand..And somehow I hit my head on the ice. And now, bless my heart I have the most precious whip lash..

Side note, today is my Florida Bestie's Birthday!

Happy Happy Day Aunt Lee.
We love you!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Today I Realize

Just how lucky I am to be in a loving functional family. Because I can promise you, we are walking among people that are so bitter that it sort of scares me..
Today I realize just how much I love my friends.
Today I realize that somewhere in the world there are aching hearts..
Today I realize that sometimes it IS about appearances only..

Tomorrow I will pray for friends. I will pray for children who lost something. I will pray that dysfunctional families  start to heal and reach out for help. I will pray that I NEVER have to encounter a day like today, e v e r    a g a i n..

From Now on, I will consider that when someone wants to win at all costs, that person needs  not to be sparred against, but watched very carefully, as they may sink to levels that destroy the future of a family..

Just so you know, this is not about MY family. We are ok.  Just watching a train wreck happening. My heart aches for little ones who can't snuggle with their puppies, who can't say that they want to be happy in two places...

Hug your babies friends.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Outta NoWhere...

Just so you know...
The little box on the bottom tells me where you post from...

And I am super duper on my pooter and know that YOU are the only one who would leave that kind of message.
Stop Stalking me. Last warning or  will I go a;l kinds of  litigious on you..

You should be happy anyway..

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Wow, Do We Have Some Catchin' Up To Do...

Ok. So it's been a while. Sometimes, livin' life is way more complicated and fun than writing about it so big Apologies to those who have been missin us.
We are still at my dad's beach house but man O' man have we been busy..
Let's back up a bit to the middle of July.
That's where my family meets each year to have a reunion of sorts. This year it was in Saint Augustine, Florida. It was there a couple of years ago, but somehow we missed going out in the town. My sister flew in from her mini vacay in NYC and Fire Island and met us at the reunion. I actually fell in love while there. His name is Colin. He is blond and has the most amazing spirit. He's sort of a momma's boy but that's okay. He got along really well with my girlz and my dad and sister, so we are pretty sure he's the one..(that is, if his mother will let us take him...)
IMAG0240 by mommie2benvaIMAG0225 by mommie2benva

Friday, July 22, 2011

4th of July...& Lido Beach With Poppy

You'd think I had more time to post, but with all the sun and sand, I have spent everyday just playing and enjoying our time..So to catch up, we went to the beach for the 4th and had a lovely time..The fireworks were far enough away that we didn't have to hold our ears! (I kind of hate loud, on top of your head, fireworks!!)

Then we drove over to Lido Beach where my mom and aunt were staying for a week..The hotel had this amazing restaurant on the top and the views were great! The girlz were playing "Toddlers and Tiara's" here.. FYI, you gotta watch that show..

This is our favorite lil girl from the show...She is Mackenzie..Rhymes with Lindsay...And she is 3 in the picture above..Never have I seen such wildness in one hour..My girlz laugh and laugh at the horrible behavior and overdone make up...We have been putting on Toddlers and Tiara's skits all summer. Nothing to sneeze at this show. Wanna see some parenting, watch this hot mess.
This is the restaurant at Lido Beach. So Lovely.
The girlz with my mom walking the streets...Such a cute lil' area. I got some great things and will share them later!!

Ice Cream Cheers!~

I have so much to share. But my sister is here so not much quiet time. So in a couple of days I will sit down and write it out..Again, I am counting my summer blessings for this time with my family.
Next up, our Green Family ReUnion!

Friday, July 08, 2011


Eight years ago a child was born. In a far off region in Russia that time seemed to forget. A child who would change me from a single gal in the city, to a mom in the Burbs. And I couldn't be happier.
MaryAnna Garland, you are my first real life miracle. You breathed life into me. You truly show me that God is good, tears are for joy, and mom is  my favorite word.
You continue to bring love, empathy, and giggles to our home. You contine to amaze me with your heart.
Happy Birthday sweet child of mine. I love your more than my luggage!

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Old School

Lee and I. Friends of nearly 30 years. Wow! We are old!!!!

I hear the youngins calling about half of their friends, "bestie" or "bff" and I sort of want to smack them in the head. A real friendship is one the spans a lifetime. And MY BFF and I have done just that. One of the things in my life that I am most proud of is my friendship Lee. After the auto train brought us into Florida, we stopped at Aunt Lee's for a quick visit. Of course we had a blast doing the touristy stuff. We spent one day at Homassassa Springs, visiting the manatees. It was a great day filled with lots of laughs and a gagillion mosquitoes!~
Lee got married very young, I think she was 22 and this year celebrated her 20th year of marriage. She had kids young, so our children are sort of a generation apart. But that makes it even better. Her daughter, who we laughingly call
"Baby Snookie" or "BabySnooks" is a teenager. She is already doing the things that all kids her age do. So Lee lets me in on what's to come with my "littles." She and Jetson are doing a great job with their kids. Oddly enough, Jetson, who is a real man's man, and tough as nails, doesn't scare BabySnooks a bit. She loves to irritate him by telling him to give her a kiss only to LICK him from Chin to Forehead..That's where Jetson's tough as nails exterior comes out..He tries to beat the livin' hell out of her, but her quick reflexes land her a foot or two away each time..But like the lovin' dad he is, she will beg for another hug or bit of love, only to trick him with some sort of
lick or poke. He gets suckered every time.. He can't help but give in..After all, BabySnooks is a daddy's girl...I will let you in on a big secret, Jetson who I think has actually wrestled an alligator, will move his furniture around and critique Snooks' dance routines. Not knowing the formal names of her moves, he will sit with her and tell her, "Point your damn Toes" and such..Old school.
And while many of our hometown friends, have teenagers, and have chosen to endlessly post pics of parties and all night drinking episodes, Lee and Uncle Jet have chosen a similar path as I. We took it the family route. No more partying, no more trying to capture our youth. We are desperately trying to be good examples to our kiddos. No judgement to our friends. None. Just a curiosity on how people change. Cause believe me, Lee and I used to "party it up" with the best of them..Things have just changed for us..
As I watch my friends from wayyy back, I realize that taking it old school works for Lee and I..Although she has Jetson and they are not only old school parents, they have an old school marriage..She cooks, cleans, makes Jet's lunch, irons his clothes and lays them out..And he takes care of the cars, home, and generally makes Lee a life that is comfortable. He is not the boss of the home, but he is the Man of the House..old school. And it works seamlessly for them..
Their son, who struggled in school when he was little has blossomed. He no longer clings to mommy, but has built a strong bond with his dad. Doing guy stuff like going to their Lil cabin, and muddin' and hunting..
So being with my longest friend has reminded me that relationships do last. Children are blessed by a two parent home. And love looks rather ordinary yet remarkable in an "old school" home.
Riding horses with my girlz..

Aunt Lee with my girlz
Baby Snookie with me the girlz before riding our horses.

Monday, June 20, 2011


We had a Peace and Pajama Party for Anna's 8th Birthday. One little gal from Anna's class, 2 of Missi's girlz, 3 little galz from Church, all came over at 7-ish and stayed til 10. It was a perfect number of girlz. Anna turned 8 and 8 girlz were there. I am so pleased with the friendships Anna has. The girlz are from great families. Christian families with strong values. We have known the 3 lil Church since they were all babies. I can actually see Anna knowing these girlz til they finish with high school. 

We made tie dyed cupcakes that turned out adorable. I had boxes for the girlz to tak them home with them. After all, we did have cake!
The girlz mixed their own color into the batter and could choose what colors they wanted to use on their cupcakes.

While the cupcakes were cooking, the girlz went downstairs and put on Tattoos and Tie Dyed their t-shirts. So rowdy but not one big mess!

As the shirts were drying and the cupcakes were a cookin', the girlz were dancing and being silly. Bummer that you can't tell that there is a disco light that shines on the back wall..If you look closely, you can see a wee bit of light..
Phoebe is in the picture above..She is a silly hot mess and God knows I love her. She is such a happy and positive little one.

So just before  the end of the party my gas/carbon monoxide monitor started roaring! And registered very high. I called the non emergency phone number and they told me to get all the girlz out of the house and call 911. The fireman came, lights and all, and went through the house and basement. Turns out, the sensor is pretty accurate and caught the slightest hint in change of air quality. (I had put all 8 bottles of dye on the dryer to keep it out of the way, and the sensor is right beside the dryer!) The Fire Department thought that was probably what caused the spike in air quality..By that time it was 10pm and the girlz were packing in their cupcakes and getting ready to go home.
And so here are our lovely shirts. Eight lil masterpieces. All so different just like the girlz.

I wish the pictures of the tie dyed  cupcakes would have tuned out better. Honestly, if you want an easy lil activity for a birthday party, class party or even adult gathering, this is it..
This year I got Anni a Nintendo DSi. It's some lil hand held gadget that you put game cartridges into an play a variety of games. My dad said he'd like to get it for her..(He knew it going to be the Big Hit) My dad is soo like that. He loves to give the biggest and best gifts. And Hey, I don't mind a bit. He ended up paying me for it..But before that AugustRose had seen the thing in my hiding spot and told Anni what I had gotten. I explained that Dad was so excited that he wanted tp get it for..He's an awesome grandad. He has learned to STOP bringing the girlz gifts all the time. He is great about asking first for gifts and such.
My mom hadn't gotten AugustRose or Anna and gift yet. Today she suprised the girlz by taking us all to the new American Girl store here in Virginia.Yes it was a mad house but we had a great time. The girlz wanted to get a new pajama set, and my mom wanted the doll pjs to match. And this is where I truly love my girlz. They shop. And although they don't worry about price, they know when I tell them, "We are getting this or that" that is what they shop for. They don't beg and plead for Xtras. I can ask Anna, "Do you like this?"  Many times she will say, " Yes, but not enough to buy it." I love that. She doesn't want to buy something just to have it. AugustRose is learning that from her big sister.
Here the girlz are at the new Virginia American Girl Store...Sorry about the bad photo quality. Camera phone..You can see my mom in the blue getup in the background paying for the girlz treats..I won't even mention the total..But any sane person would roll their eyes wayyyy up in their head if they knew!!
So it was a lovely weekend. My girlz are out of school and I have tomorrow and I will be done. Then its off to Florida to recover from this year. I have to say that I thought my 20th year teaching would be magical. Sadly, it wasn't. But that's okay, I along with my girlz will make the summer a Deluxe sized, refried magical tropical vacay and that will wash away all of the ick from the school year!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Tomorrow I'll Blog and Today is Tomorrow

About what I really think of homeschooling.
I think if I had the money to stay home with my girlz, I might put on the most amazing program ever. Normally the idea makes my question the outcomes, but lately, I can imagine a travel program that would rival any class setting out there! I need more control of the way things are done at my girlz schools, and as a teacher from another district, I have NONE..So if anyone wants to send me bucket loads of money, I will do it..

About the new direction I am heading...
I gotta just get back to reality. After speaking with the State Department, I know that I am going to graduate school. I will be finding the field that is CRITICAL in international schools and get my masters in that, and then try again...
About how I think it's redonkulouls to photograph your life for your blog rather than living it..
I see a lot of blogs that have the most perfect pictures. How is life happening when the pictures are perfectly staged. Can't decide if I am jellyfish about it, or think there is a bit of "faking" it going on...

About what is giving me SUCH  secret joy lately.,  Joy has been sneaking in through Rosetta Stone. I love hearing the Russian Language and the fact that I am starting to speak it, L O V E!!!

I have to get through this week, and next then I am home free..And I mean free enough to write anytime I want..Free enough to write with an old friend..Going to Florida just after the ballet recitals..Just cannot wait to put my giant behind in that chair and watch my dyevochkas get all kinds of summery  while I get all kinds of  "centered"...


It's Friday and we have been on the go. Recital practice, then the Hughes recital practice since we won't see theirs, then a bit of swimming with the Hughes since we won't see them for the whole summer..And of course packing, and trying to clean up..I have given in and let my sister finish up since she owes me a birthday present. And that will be my favorite!
My heart is about to explode with excitement for our Florida Trip..Aunt Lee's, the Green Reunion, Dad's Beach House, sun, sand, and lots of quiet time on the beach..And then there is the possibility of writing the greatest novel of all time...Ok, so I am dreaming big on that one!!

Saturday, June 04, 2011

I Dare You To Move

I listened to this song on the way home yesterday. And then when I got home, I listened again. And then I cried. Cried my eyes out. So much to be thankful for but for right now, I am feeling really sorry for myself. Seems like I can't get anything together in my life. Seems like I am not where I want to be in life. And lately, it makes me cry. Do I miss being loved? Could be. Maybe I miss being  excited. I know I miss being able to get lost on any given day.
I have always done things on my own, and I have lots of help. Maybe I don't feel in control. The whole "too many chiefs theory?"

It's Saturday and I had to go stand in line for 3 hours to ballet recital tickets. I am still sick. And I am anxious. My face has gone numb again, and my joints ache.
I am feeling a bit disenchanted at Church lately. I know our job is to welcome newcomers, but sometimes the regulars need a little love..I know that sounds very unChristian, but it is my truth. I am stretched thin and haven't been to Adult Church more than twice in the past couple of months...I can feel that my soul is not being fed. I used to go to small group, but one more night out is more than I can handle..Honestly, I am too tired to go out at 7 and come home at 9...People forget that teaching 5 year olds is not the same as sitting at a desk. I am always ON..Now downtime. I haven't had a lunch that lasted more than 20 minutes, in well, 20 years...
OK. I have whined enough. It is getting dark outside and once again, I am feeling teary eyed.. 

Monday, May 30, 2011

Graduate School

I have been researching a program in StPeter. It seems perfect, and close to affordable.

It would roughly cost 2K to take a summer course and then the travel and lodging would be extra. In reality, I would love to take the yearly course. I have been in contact with an alum that attended the full program. He shared that later this year the program should qualify as a school that I can attend using US student loans. We shall see.

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Tiny Tillia 

So for the next few weeks, or possibly every so often, I am going to post a link to a product that either
B. Is cute and think it would make a great pressie for your gift closet
C. Is on sale and I think it is a great bargain

Now ya wondering why? Cause I am gonna raise some money for a trip to Russia. I have a plan, and in a few weeks, I will share it. But lets just say, I won't be moving, but have found a graduate program that is perfect. A program that I could afford. (The travel expenses are what I need help with!)

So look over these products and if you care to, pass them along to friends or family...If I could figue out a way to form a pyramid scheme, I'd soooo be doing it.!! Thanks, Love you all!

LeapFrog Enterprises Inc.

 NEW! Tag(tm) Reading System

This is something I Definately LOVE!
I wrote a grant and LeapFrog approved it. I received  a6 Tag Readers, a battery charger and a  GINORMOUS set of books. There were 6 copies of each book. They came with awesome little cases headphones. My kindergarteners adore these. TEACHERS, these take the place of your listening centers. No more kids having to squeeze their little bodies around ONE old tape player..OK OK, so I love this company. Order one or ten..I borrow 2 TagReaders each summer and my girlz use them from our home to Florida..Each title offers a read a loud mode, games, and sound/letter practice. There are tons of titles online and you can find a wide range of levels. I promise you will love this for your class or your own child..I checked at ToysRUs, and they don't have as many titles as you can find directly through LeapFrog online..So clickety click...