Thursday, February 03, 2011

I promise to write soon..Right now, I just want to let the last few weeks sink in and then I will share. Nothing really new, but stuff I'd like to get off my chest. In the spirit of honesty and all.
Until then,
I have sent my CV to about 30 schools and have gotten rejections from all..Too many children. Funny, that Jesus. You ask Him for a family. Ask him to somehow make you a mother, and He does..Then He reminds you of it at every turn..Yooooooooooooooouuuuu.....*Insert mental image of me with the big J in a head lock, giving him a noogie."

Life is moving on..It always does. and I am in a state of mindless planning for things that may never happen.


kate said...

It's too early. I think, when you're not part of a teaching couple, you should apply later. Because right now instead of beating the rush, you're running into schools who still think they'll find couples.

I got hired in May or June...just because I was single.

Annie said...

Hm....."a teaching couple". They WANT those? How interesting!

I wish I'd never bought a house.

Now - to you, JJJ - I love the new blog look. What a wonderful photo of you! You look like a '50s movie star!

kate said...

(Annie--teaching couples require half the housing of two singles. So, it's a lot cheaper to hire teaching couples.)

Jay-dge, what about your other creative outlet for next year?

And, after I posted and re-read I wondered if you were only talking about overseas aps. Are you? Or are you applying locally as well?

teachingrules said...

i'm sure arlington is hiring!!