Sunday, March 06, 2011

 The girlz and my mom at the funeral..They waited til inside to get serious!
 As you can see, AugustRose enjoyed our time at the lake..(And she loves her new haircut)
 Anna being awesome as ever on the train ride home..16 hours, and not a problem from either of my travelin' babies!
 I am putting this one in cause just before we left, we got a chance to babysit MissMissi's newest dog. It is the tiniest thing I have ever seen. And cuttteee! But no, there will be no dogs in the Greenz house.
 Lovin' on Aunt Lee after the funeral..
 AugustRose 's haircut makes her look older I think..And she was awesome on the train too..We slept in our two seats together on the way home..I squeezed her up throughout the night..It was good lovin!
 Anni looks so pale in the Florida Sunshine at Lake Geneva..(My grandmothers lake)
 Augggie "workin" on the train...
Even in moments of sorrow, there is joy. Both girlz gave us courage and strength on the day of the funeral..


Tina in CT said...

Do you have a cat or a different pet?

Annie said...

That dog looks startlingly like a fox!

I would love it, dear friend, if you'd put a title on your posts - because if you do, I can click on it and go directly to your post; if you don't I have to struggle and go the long way 'round.

I love the new header; though I wouldn't have changed the old one if it were mine because it was lovely, too.

I keep thinking that you must not be connected at all to Keri Cahill; she is a soulmate slavophile of ours and having such adventures lately.

Check out her blog!

Tina in CT said...

I also thought the puppy resembles a fox.

Jojo, Julz, Julianne said...

I promise to Title my posts from now on!
The dog is sooo tiny. It is 3 pounds, and just darling. We are too messy to have a pet at this time..Really, we are still sorting it out living in a 3 story townhouse and I am afraid we would lose a pet if we got one!

I need to catch up with Kerri.

Kat said...

...and a child shall lead them
(or something like that).
I'm glad you're girls were able to give you some pleasure and smiles during these difficult days. You're a trooper and an awesome mom.