Thursday, March 03, 2011

It's been a while..
I have so many posts that I wanted to come back with, but sadly, my grandmother passed away last week and we have been in Florida. She was 94, lived on her own, and passed away after a heart attack and then a few days in the hospital trying to recover.
The girlz were very sad and for the first time, they experienced loss that I couldn't help them with. Well, other than comforting them. They understood that their Great Granny died. Her birthday was Valentines Day, so we had just spent time buying treats for her. Last summer, I posted some pictures  from our July 4th visit to see her. She was in a rehap center after hurting her back..She went back home just after our visit last summer.

I wasn't so close with my grandmother. It is sort of a long story, but lets just suffice it to say, that she wasn't so happy that my mom was pregnant with me..My grandparents were sort of wealthy back in the day, and my mom and dad were young and struggling to make it with my sister. So they wanted them to wait to have a second child. My grandparents owned a standard oil plant and wanted my dad to come into the business, but my dad didn't want to. My mom was teaching at the time.. My grandparents were concerned with image and appearances..You probably know the type.  Sooo, when I was born, there was no fan-fair..Except for my mom and dad. My sister was their bright and shining star throughout her childhood and she remained their doll until my grandfather passed away..That's when my only cousin on that side began to fall apart. Drugs, trouble with the law, and then prison..He and my grandmother actually rekindled their relationship recently and at the end, the only one who didnt share a truly special bond with her was me..She loved me of course. But nothing like with my cousin and sister.
It's ok though. I have that kind of love from my parents. And that filled me up..

Last week my mom was in Florida to be with her at the hospital and my dad was here with me, keeping the girlz while I was teaching..After she passed my sister and I  and the girlz went to Florida..Our train returned today..
I read a poem at the funeral..I will post it later. My two dear girlfriends Lisa G, that I have known since kindergarten and Missi, both sent flowers..And my BFF Lee came to help me with the girlz during the funeral..I am so glad she was there. AugustRose tried to come up with me when I read the poem, and Aunt Lee had to grab her and cuddle her while I spoke..
So, it's been a long sad two weeks..I am most sad for my mom.

Time will heal her heart.


Tina in CT said...

Sorry to hear about your family's loss and your playing second fiddle to your grandparents. You were right that you had the love of your parents.

Annie said...

I'm so sorry, Julianne. It is hard to lose a family member, no matter what.