Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Letter

Yesterday I got a letter that my grandmother mailed before she passed away. It was mailed to my mom and she was just getting a chance to go through all the mail that arrived while she was in Florida with my grandmother. It was a thank you letter. Actually she wrote 3 letters, one to me, one to each of my girlz, and one to  my sister. Thanking us for our birthday gifts. She wrote about how lovely the flowers and chocolate covered fruit was, and wrote that she was happy that we were thinking about her. She told us all that she loved us very much and glad that my dad was spending so much time my girlz. She said I was a blessed girl...
She mailed it the day before she had her heart attack. So really, the day before she died...What a blessing. To know my granny was lovin' us just before she passed away.

Life is funny sometimes, because I had actually said, "You know how people die and then someone gets a letter from them after the fact.." This is where I am going to write something and make you think I could be a weee bit crazy, well. Oh Well.
I am psychic. It happens a lot. I think about things and then they happen. I was driving home from a birthday party a couple of weeks ago and had this overwhelming feeling of sadness about my idiot ex husbands parents. I couldn't describe it. I just kept thinking, they are sad and something bad has happened. I checked facebook that night, and the grandmother had died..
I wouldn't mention it, but it happens so much lately that I am always saying, I KNEW something was up with (Insert Name Here)..I think I should read up on this and try to harness this..I could desperately use some lottery numbers!!

Oh, and I checked the AAS website. (You know, the school in Russia that refuses to hire me because I have too many kids,) and I although I am still so irritated with them, I am still so hurt that I can't be there..If they only knew..I was going to go for the summer, but decided that I would rather spend the summer at my dad's beach house. The sun, the sand, the pool, the time spent with family..Can't replace those memories.


Tina in CT said...

Smart decision - beach or Russia. Beach would win hands over.

Annie said...

Now, honestly, this is one of the things that I can't explain about myself. I can spend about an hour at the beach before I get so stir-crazy I think I'll go mad. It would certainly be Russia for me.'s an uphill battle to get there.

I understand about the psychic thing, except I think it is simply openness to the Holy Spirit and perhaps, that gift. There is a Michigander up for canonization - Fr. Solanus Casey, who used to have great insights into the future. It happens to me on occasion.

I got a letter from my dad after he had passed away. It was the definition of mixed-blessing. It was such a sweet letter, but it nearly killed me to see it in the mailbox.