Thursday, March 17, 2011

Out Of The Loop...

I gave up FaceBook for a while. I am doing it to "fast" and be in prayer for E R S. She is a child at my Church. Fasting and prayer together draw us closer to God. For me, fasting away from FaceBook has giving me back time to spend thinking of ERS. Everytime I feel like logging on, I pray for ERS's health. See, this child is very sick. Very. And as of now, there is no real diagnosis. There are many thoughts as to what is wrong, but the doctors are still doing extensive testing to find out what. Regardless, it is very bad. Even the "best case" scenarios are not real good. So I pray. I think of FaceBook, and I switch my thoughts and pray.
The mom and dad of this little child are the foundations of our Church. The dad is our operations director, the mom runs our Childrens Church..So I work for both of them, but I am friends with the mom. She is one of those moms who CAN do it all. And never seems to lose her shit. The dad, well he is just a rock star. He has given our Church the life it has.
The aunt of the child is my friend and my first Small Group Leader. She was the one who truly brought me closer to God, and showed me how to study and be in prayer for all things. We aren't as close as we used to be, life and all. And I miss her. She is married to a man who also serves weekly.
The grandparents of this child are very active members of our Church. Both volunteer every Sunday, at both services. Both are like grandparents to most of the small kids at Church.

And then there is ERS.
She is 8. And an absolute darling. A friend to my Anni, and every other child near her age.
A quick story. When this all first started in the summer, a pastor came into the hospital to speak with her family. He asked her is she wanted to pray with him. That's when she said, Sure, Do you want to start or should I?" That's her. Completely comfortable in her own devotion to the Lord. I beg you to pray for this child, this family.
They were at the airport when Anna came home. The older sister was the ONLY one at Church that Anna would go to when she was a tiny baby, just home from Russia. The older brother was also adopted from Russia. The other brother is a genuinely wonderful boy. And the baby brother who is 7 is terrified for his sister. Bless all of their hearts.

It makes me know that there is an evil  'other side' trying to pull this family down. And as God is my witness, I will stay away from FaceBook this month and pray and pray and pray...


Tina in CT said...

How awful for this little girl and her immediate family and everyone that loves her.

Kat said...

This is such a sweet post. You are an awesome woman. We talked about them at Small Group tonight.

Annie said...

That is such a good idea. Facebook isn't much to me, pretty empty, except occasionally I get or send a message from someone at work or one of my grown up kids.

Not blogging and reading blogs, except for a couple of moments a day HAS been hard, but I'm not sure it is good. Well, it is good in that it has saved me from running late, or not doing what I ought to be doing. But, since it doesn't really give me more time for IRL friends, I'm just feeling disconnected from everyone. Odd feeling. Just nose to the grindstone, day after day. (Funny - my word verfication word is "whineartu" - "whine" is right!)

Your post reminds me how lucky I am. Poor little girl, poor family. I will pray for them - because miracles DO happen. Year before last, at the beginning of Lent, the wonderful woman who coordinated all of our adoptions was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung cancer. You can imagine how many people were praying fervently for her! And, by the end of June, all the doctors were befuddled and confused - nothing. They could find nothing. Hope!