Thursday, May 26, 2011


Tiny Tillia 

So for the next few weeks, or possibly every so often, I am going to post a link to a product that either
B. Is cute and think it would make a great pressie for your gift closet
C. Is on sale and I think it is a great bargain

Now ya wondering why? Cause I am gonna raise some money for a trip to Russia. I have a plan, and in a few weeks, I will share it. But lets just say, I won't be moving, but have found a graduate program that is perfect. A program that I could afford. (The travel expenses are what I need help with!)

So look over these products and if you care to, pass them along to friends or family...If I could figue out a way to form a pyramid scheme, I'd soooo be doing it.!! Thanks, Love you all!

LeapFrog Enterprises Inc.

 NEW! Tag(tm) Reading System

This is something I Definately LOVE!
I wrote a grant and LeapFrog approved it. I received  a6 Tag Readers, a battery charger and a  GINORMOUS set of books. There were 6 copies of each book. They came with awesome little cases headphones. My kindergarteners adore these. TEACHERS, these take the place of your listening centers. No more kids having to squeeze their little bodies around ONE old tape player..OK OK, so I love this company. Order one or ten..I borrow 2 TagReaders each summer and my girlz use them from our home to Florida..Each title offers a read a loud mode, games, and sound/letter practice. There are tons of titles online and you can find a wide range of levels. I promise you will love this for your class or your own child..I checked at ToysRUs, and they don't have as many titles as you can find directly through LeapFrog online..So clickety click...


Annie said...

This sounds exciting. Someone at school did know of a pyramid-type thing that doesn't actually dry up at the end, recommended by Oprah (or so they told me). If I find out more, I'll let you know.

Annie said...

WHAT grad program? Will my church pay for it? (Hah!)

Tina in CT said...

I think a grad program for the summer is the ideal way for you and your daughters to go to Russia. Long enough to get a "fix" and not too long of roughing it. Perfect situation. Good luck with the fund raising.

My granddaughters had the Leap Frog early and next readers when they were toddlers and they were fantastic. Great learning products.

kate said...

Ooo--tell us about the program!