Sunday, May 08, 2011


Although AAS said they would acknowledge each application, I haven't heard anything. They probably had to post the opening and had no intention of contacting anyone who sent resumes. It's ok. I sort of understood my chances were NIL when I sent the resume over...It would have been nice to be acknowledged. But who said manners were still alive in the business world?

I am on a "less than 30 day" countdown at school..I sent my resume to 2 schools that are closer to my home, and after the principals at each school reviews all of the resumes, the candidates that are going to be interviewed will get a call..Wow. I thought we would all get a chance to at least interview. It would be all but ironic if I couldn't get an interview in a system where I already have a job...Can't blame that on having too many kids~
If nothing happens, I will just go back and fight the commute another year. Graduate school is on the horizon, and there is a chance I could do a bit of travel during that..We'll have to see.

And here is the inside of my purse...I see other people posting this on their blogs so I thought I would too..I invite Anni and Tina, who read this blog to do the same!
What I see is:
Bug Repellan Wipe
Shamoo from Disney World
Bandaide Holder
D&G Light Blue Parfum
Space Shuttle Toy
Hersheys Kiss
Green Erase

Happy Mother's Day everyone! It's good to be celebrating with my kids..There is someone out there waiting to bring their child home from Russia, My heart is with you ...I know the wait is hard, but once that precious child is home, you find out the wait was the easiest part!!


Tina in CT said...

big fat wallet crammed full
small wallet with basic essentials
kleenex pack
lip gloss
tinted lip gloss
whistle for emergencies
teeny tiny square flashlight
antibiotic hand lotion
cell phone
thin leather envelope with a few pictures
teeny tiny note pad
2011 pocket calendar
2010 pocket calendar (when needed to refer back to for doctors' visits)
scrapbook store frequent buyer plastic card & several receipts
ID badge for work
pill container with Advil

Tina in CT said...

Good luck on all job fronts.

When I was job hunting, I found that many companies never had the decency to send a "no thank you" standard form letter.

Annie said...

Yes; there are FEW manners in the business world; and even at our church, I had to a) fight and b) agree to volunteer to write "sorry" letters to those who applied to our Youth Ministry position. How can people forget the way we hang our hopes on these things?

You make me laugh; a friend and I have a running joke - we'll see a beautiful photo or hear of something appealing and imagine the title of the Doctoral dissertation that will get us where we want to be. for your little problem.... How about: English Language Learning as Empowerment: The Effect of Volunteer English Teachers in Russian Orphanages.
Then you'll need to recruit your volunteers and get funding for them..... :)