Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Party in the Garden..

AugustRose celebrated her 5th birthday party today. And it was glorious..The rain held off for just enough time to enjoy a tour of the garden center, a planting session, pizza, birthday cake and PREZZIES!! 

The children were lovely.
 The little ones on the end are my students. Although they just left our school. :(   They are such a nice family. The twins are adopted from Russia. So of course they are already like family!!
 This is the most beautiful flower ever...Looks just like a ballerina fairy...
 Some of the kiddies planting..They got to decorate the pots at the end..Adorable~

 I took this before putting the cake on the table..Yes, there was a cake!

 And yes, AugustRose is holding L's hand..This is the only toddler that AugustRose loves. She thinks she is "soo cute."  (I'd show ya, but her mom would rather keep her beauty all to herself!) :)

 AugustRose has never been so gracious. She was the perfect birthday girl...
And this is one of my teammates, with another ones baby! Aunti Maria is gonna be an awesome mom one day!


Tina in CT said...

What a great party. Your girls are so pretty and I love sisters dressed alike.

hapi said...

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