Monday, June 20, 2011


We had a Peace and Pajama Party for Anna's 8th Birthday. One little gal from Anna's class, 2 of Missi's girlz, 3 little galz from Church, all came over at 7-ish and stayed til 10. It was a perfect number of girlz. Anna turned 8 and 8 girlz were there. I am so pleased with the friendships Anna has. The girlz are from great families. Christian families with strong values. We have known the 3 lil Church since they were all babies. I can actually see Anna knowing these girlz til they finish with high school. 

We made tie dyed cupcakes that turned out adorable. I had boxes for the girlz to tak them home with them. After all, we did have cake!
The girlz mixed their own color into the batter and could choose what colors they wanted to use on their cupcakes.

While the cupcakes were cooking, the girlz went downstairs and put on Tattoos and Tie Dyed their t-shirts. So rowdy but not one big mess!

As the shirts were drying and the cupcakes were a cookin', the girlz were dancing and being silly. Bummer that you can't tell that there is a disco light that shines on the back wall..If you look closely, you can see a wee bit of light..
Phoebe is in the picture above..She is a silly hot mess and God knows I love her. She is such a happy and positive little one.

So just before  the end of the party my gas/carbon monoxide monitor started roaring! And registered very high. I called the non emergency phone number and they told me to get all the girlz out of the house and call 911. The fireman came, lights and all, and went through the house and basement. Turns out, the sensor is pretty accurate and caught the slightest hint in change of air quality. (I had put all 8 bottles of dye on the dryer to keep it out of the way, and the sensor is right beside the dryer!) The Fire Department thought that was probably what caused the spike in air quality..By that time it was 10pm and the girlz were packing in their cupcakes and getting ready to go home.
And so here are our lovely shirts. Eight lil masterpieces. All so different just like the girlz.

I wish the pictures of the tie dyed  cupcakes would have tuned out better. Honestly, if you want an easy lil activity for a birthday party, class party or even adult gathering, this is it..
This year I got Anni a Nintendo DSi. It's some lil hand held gadget that you put game cartridges into an play a variety of games. My dad said he'd like to get it for her..(He knew it going to be the Big Hit) My dad is soo like that. He loves to give the biggest and best gifts. And Hey, I don't mind a bit. He ended up paying me for it..But before that AugustRose had seen the thing in my hiding spot and told Anni what I had gotten. I explained that Dad was so excited that he wanted tp get it for..He's an awesome grandad. He has learned to STOP bringing the girlz gifts all the time. He is great about asking first for gifts and such.
My mom hadn't gotten AugustRose or Anna and gift yet. Today she suprised the girlz by taking us all to the new American Girl store here in Virginia.Yes it was a mad house but we had a great time. The girlz wanted to get a new pajama set, and my mom wanted the doll pjs to match. And this is where I truly love my girlz. They shop. And although they don't worry about price, they know when I tell them, "We are getting this or that" that is what they shop for. They don't beg and plead for Xtras. I can ask Anna, "Do you like this?"  Many times she will say, " Yes, but not enough to buy it." I love that. She doesn't want to buy something just to have it. AugustRose is learning that from her big sister.
Here the girlz are at the new Virginia American Girl Store...Sorry about the bad photo quality. Camera phone..You can see my mom in the blue getup in the background paying for the girlz treats..I won't even mention the total..But any sane person would roll their eyes wayyyy up in their head if they knew!!
So it was a lovely weekend. My girlz are out of school and I have tomorrow and I will be done. Then its off to Florida to recover from this year. I have to say that I thought my 20th year teaching would be magical. Sadly, it wasn't. But that's okay, I along with my girlz will make the summer a Deluxe sized, refried magical tropical vacay and that will wash away all of the ick from the school year!


jakespec said...

Wow! You are so creative. I think you should be a professional party planner. I love the theme and the girls look so happy!

Tina in CT said...

What a party and so much to do.

As for American Girl, I love the NYC store. My granddaughters have lots from there and love it all. Excellent quality toys and the historic products are wonderful for promoting US history for my Muscovite girls.

I envy your fun summer in FL at the beach.

Christine said...

What an awesome party minus the visit by the firemen. :) I am sure you have peace of mind knowing your CM detector works great!

teachingrules said...
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teachingrules said...

we had a blast too!

Tina in CT said...

Are you enjoying the beach in FL yet?