Friday, July 22, 2011

4th of July...& Lido Beach With Poppy

You'd think I had more time to post, but with all the sun and sand, I have spent everyday just playing and enjoying our time..So to catch up, we went to the beach for the 4th and had a lovely time..The fireworks were far enough away that we didn't have to hold our ears! (I kind of hate loud, on top of your head, fireworks!!)

Then we drove over to Lido Beach where my mom and aunt were staying for a week..The hotel had this amazing restaurant on the top and the views were great! The girlz were playing "Toddlers and Tiara's" here.. FYI, you gotta watch that show..

This is our favorite lil girl from the show...She is Mackenzie..Rhymes with Lindsay...And she is 3 in the picture above..Never have I seen such wildness in one hour..My girlz laugh and laugh at the horrible behavior and overdone make up...We have been putting on Toddlers and Tiara's skits all summer. Nothing to sneeze at this show. Wanna see some parenting, watch this hot mess.
This is the restaurant at Lido Beach. So Lovely.
The girlz with my mom walking the streets...Such a cute lil' area. I got some great things and will share them later!!

Ice Cream Cheers!~

I have so much to share. But my sister is here so not much quiet time. So in a couple of days I will sit down and write it out..Again, I am counting my summer blessings for this time with my family.
Next up, our Green Family ReUnion!

Friday, July 08, 2011


Eight years ago a child was born. In a far off region in Russia that time seemed to forget. A child who would change me from a single gal in the city, to a mom in the Burbs. And I couldn't be happier.
MaryAnna Garland, you are my first real life miracle. You breathed life into me. You truly show me that God is good, tears are for joy, and mom is  my favorite word.
You continue to bring love, empathy, and giggles to our home. You contine to amaze me with your heart.
Happy Birthday sweet child of mine. I love your more than my luggage!

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Old School

Lee and I. Friends of nearly 30 years. Wow! We are old!!!!

I hear the youngins calling about half of their friends, "bestie" or "bff" and I sort of want to smack them in the head. A real friendship is one the spans a lifetime. And MY BFF and I have done just that. One of the things in my life that I am most proud of is my friendship Lee. After the auto train brought us into Florida, we stopped at Aunt Lee's for a quick visit. Of course we had a blast doing the touristy stuff. We spent one day at Homassassa Springs, visiting the manatees. It was a great day filled with lots of laughs and a gagillion mosquitoes!~
Lee got married very young, I think she was 22 and this year celebrated her 20th year of marriage. She had kids young, so our children are sort of a generation apart. But that makes it even better. Her daughter, who we laughingly call
"Baby Snookie" or "BabySnooks" is a teenager. She is already doing the things that all kids her age do. So Lee lets me in on what's to come with my "littles." She and Jetson are doing a great job with their kids. Oddly enough, Jetson, who is a real man's man, and tough as nails, doesn't scare BabySnooks a bit. She loves to irritate him by telling him to give her a kiss only to LICK him from Chin to Forehead..That's where Jetson's tough as nails exterior comes out..He tries to beat the livin' hell out of her, but her quick reflexes land her a foot or two away each time..But like the lovin' dad he is, she will beg for another hug or bit of love, only to trick him with some sort of
lick or poke. He gets suckered every time.. He can't help but give in..After all, BabySnooks is a daddy's girl...I will let you in on a big secret, Jetson who I think has actually wrestled an alligator, will move his furniture around and critique Snooks' dance routines. Not knowing the formal names of her moves, he will sit with her and tell her, "Point your damn Toes" and such..Old school.
And while many of our hometown friends, have teenagers, and have chosen to endlessly post pics of parties and all night drinking episodes, Lee and Uncle Jet have chosen a similar path as I. We took it the family route. No more partying, no more trying to capture our youth. We are desperately trying to be good examples to our kiddos. No judgement to our friends. None. Just a curiosity on how people change. Cause believe me, Lee and I used to "party it up" with the best of them..Things have just changed for us..
As I watch my friends from wayyy back, I realize that taking it old school works for Lee and I..Although she has Jetson and they are not only old school parents, they have an old school marriage..She cooks, cleans, makes Jet's lunch, irons his clothes and lays them out..And he takes care of the cars, home, and generally makes Lee a life that is comfortable. He is not the boss of the home, but he is the Man of the House..old school. And it works seamlessly for them..
Their son, who struggled in school when he was little has blossomed. He no longer clings to mommy, but has built a strong bond with his dad. Doing guy stuff like going to their Lil cabin, and muddin' and hunting..
So being with my longest friend has reminded me that relationships do last. Children are blessed by a two parent home. And love looks rather ordinary yet remarkable in an "old school" home.
Riding horses with my girlz..

Aunt Lee with my girlz
Baby Snookie with me the girlz before riding our horses.