Friday, July 08, 2011


Eight years ago a child was born. In a far off region in Russia that time seemed to forget. A child who would change me from a single gal in the city, to a mom in the Burbs. And I couldn't be happier.
MaryAnna Garland, you are my first real life miracle. You breathed life into me. You truly show me that God is good, tears are for joy, and mom is  my favorite word.
You continue to bring love, empathy, and giggles to our home. You contine to amaze me with your heart.
Happy Birthday sweet child of mine. I love your more than my luggage!


kate said...

Happy birthday, Anna! We're so glad you were born. ;>

(I didn't realize how close in age she and Lexi are. Doesn't EIGHT somehow seem INCREDIBLY old? It does to me. Sigh.)

teachingrules said...

our little anni!