Saturday, August 20, 2011

Wow, Do We Have Some Catchin' Up To Do...

Ok. So it's been a while. Sometimes, livin' life is way more complicated and fun than writing about it so big Apologies to those who have been missin us.
We are still at my dad's beach house but man O' man have we been busy..
Let's back up a bit to the middle of July.
That's where my family meets each year to have a reunion of sorts. This year it was in Saint Augustine, Florida. It was there a couple of years ago, but somehow we missed going out in the town. My sister flew in from her mini vacay in NYC and Fire Island and met us at the reunion. I actually fell in love while there. His name is Colin. He is blond and has the most amazing spirit. He's sort of a momma's boy but that's okay. He got along really well with my girlz and my dad and sister, so we are pretty sure he's the one..(that is, if his mother will let us take him...)
IMAG0240 by mommie2benvaIMAG0225 by mommie2benva