Saturday, August 20, 2011

Wow, Do We Have Some Catchin' Up To Do...

Ok. So it's been a while. Sometimes, livin' life is way more complicated and fun than writing about it so big Apologies to those who have been missin us.
We are still at my dad's beach house but man O' man have we been busy..
Let's back up a bit to the middle of July.
That's where my family meets each year to have a reunion of sorts. This year it was in Saint Augustine, Florida. It was there a couple of years ago, but somehow we missed going out in the town. My sister flew in from her mini vacay in NYC and Fire Island and met us at the reunion. I actually fell in love while there. His name is Colin. He is blond and has the most amazing spirit. He's sort of a momma's boy but that's okay. He got along really well with my girlz and my dad and sister, so we are pretty sure he's the one..(that is, if his mother will let us take him...)
IMAG0240 by mommie2benvaIMAG0225 by mommie2benva
My sister was thrilled to carry him all day while we played tourist in Old Saint Augustine. He even fell asleep on her back and she felt like supper Cuz! I know it looks like Anna is choking the life out of him at dinner, but honestly, she was given him some good love!
We had a blast for the whole weekend. Being with my 2nd cousins, once removed..(Yes that's actually what you call your cousins' children) was awesome. Lovely young ones all of them. And being with my dad's remaining brothers and sisters was bittersweet. He was one of 8 and their are only 4 left. My dad always looked up to my uncle Bill, and two of his granddaughters came down. They shared a very close relationship with their grandfather like my girlz do and it was sort of sad that Uncle Bill wasn't there. He lives on though in the memories his "grans" have of him...

My Dad, with Justin and my sis watching the Green's play in the pool!

My cousin Kelly has the perfect set up for a party, right on the bay with a pool and hot tub..My sister ended up in that thing til the middle of the night with Kelly and her sister Kim and their kids and grans..We pooped out and went back to the hotel around dusk..

IMAG0153 by mommie2benva

The last time I toured St. Augustine was when my school went there on a field trip when I was in third grade. So it was fun to do it again with my girlz. Anni will learn about many of the topics in social studies so we made sure to hit the most important sites. The girlz loved the  Castillo de San Marcos mainly because they thought it was cool to have a fort made out of shells..

A lil Lunch with the Fam..

Of course we did the Fountain of Youth and watched the cannon being fired, shopped the old town and yes, got spray on tattoos..Hey, it is vacation..

We closed out the weekend with a final supper with all those who were still left in town..And this is what it looked like for the younger crowd..Texting, gaming, playing music, taking pics...They were such great lil' dinner guests!!
Just before bed, we hit the beach for a quick dip then we were off to my dad's beach house in Naples..
I'll end today's blog with this...

If you don't know what it is...They are my cigarettes.. The last pack I smoked..It's been over three weeks..Pray for me. I kind of miss it...
So now you are caught up through the end of July-ish..Throw in lots of days at the beach, followed by lunches at the pool and you are pretty much in the know!


teachingrules said...

great summary of our trip! we had so much fun....great memories!

Tina in CT said...

I'm sure you are soaking up the last days (and rays) of your FL summer before driving back to VA and the start of the school year. Enjoy yourselves at the beautiful beaches there.

Tina in CT said...

Hope your home did not sustain any damage after yesterday's quake in Virginia.

Are you heading home from Florida to beat the hurricane Irene?

We sure felt the quake here in CT as the floor was shaking as I sat at my workstation at work. We all got out of the building FAST.

GrumpyJaxMomOf3 said...


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