Monday, September 26, 2011


This has been hell of a year. Lot's of sadness and anger on many fronts. Some mine, some my friends.
But I am getting better. I am learning the truest of truths this year. I am learning how to manage when there is no help to be given. I am learning to be a better teacher, when the enormity of the job ahead is almost laughable.
I am learning to be patient with myself. I am learning to let go of my demons and focus on how joyous it is to be a mother, daughter, sister, friend.

I am throwing my resume into a lot of new arenas. Because some dreams are made for holding onto. I am still of the mind to get our family overseas. And it will happen..

My AugustRose has started Kindergarten and loves it. She is fearful of the bus, so my mom drives her each day. Anna, the indy girl still rides it. Both girlz are back in dance. Anna in two classes, AR in one.
AR is in swim this year. A pre-team. Anna didn't want to be on the team this year. She told me that she would if it would, "make you happy momma."  And of course, I told her No way. Do what makes YOU happy Annechka. She'd rather have yard time.
We are looking into doing the team once a week. Just for the fitness aspect. We'll see.

All I know, is things are feeling a bit better around here.


Annie said...

Well, that's good. I'm sorry it's been such a hard year. Where are you teaching? At the same school?

I envy you teaching - oh, how I do! But not kindergarten. I hope we can get together one of these times when I go out to visit Aidan. They are in Haymarket.

kate said...

I'm glad to hear it's better! I have your e-mail saved to answer...but have been a complete slacker.

You know it will all be easier after six weeks of school when the language switch gets thrown and everyone starts speaking the same language. It sounds like you've got a good team this year. Hooray!

Yes--back in the US and homeschooling this year. It's like a year-long vacation. Can you say, "sabbatical"? What a grand idea.

Dance and swim and friends and family--your life is good, too!

Anonymous said...

had a good talk with someone today.

Anonymous said...

I miss my kids so much.