Friday, September 23, 2011

Today I Realize

Just how lucky I am to be in a loving functional family. Because I can promise you, we are walking among people that are so bitter that it sort of scares me..
Today I realize just how much I love my friends.
Today I realize that somewhere in the world there are aching hearts..
Today I realize that sometimes it IS about appearances only..

Tomorrow I will pray for friends. I will pray for children who lost something. I will pray that dysfunctional families  start to heal and reach out for help. I will pray that I NEVER have to encounter a day like today, e v e r    a g a i n..

From Now on, I will consider that when someone wants to win at all costs, that person needs  not to be sparred against, but watched very carefully, as they may sink to levels that destroy the future of a family..

Just so you know, this is not about MY family. We are ok.  Just watching a train wreck happening. My heart aches for little ones who can't snuggle with their puppies, who can't say that they want to be happy in two places...

Hug your babies friends.

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teachingrules said...

thoughts are with those who have lost something precious...