Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Blur ...

So, yeah. It's again, been a while since I have posted. Teaching has been a real nightmare this year. Not just for me, but the whole school. So much so that we had to have a whole staff meeting to discuss the downfall of morale. We all pretty much left the meeting feeling worse. So I have decided to do my work in the hours the county has provided. What doesn't get finished, doesn't get finished. I will no longer spend hours and hours trying to finish the mindless dribble that is required. I will do it. Just on my time. I have been giving my job the better parts of me, and that is over. I am now giving it to my girlz.

So let's back up and share a bit. Halloween was great. We went to our local pumpkin patch and went trick or treating with Missi and Phoebe. It was an awesome night.

For Thanksgiving we went to NYC like we have always done. Last year we didn't go and it felt sad and depressing. So this year we took the Vamoose Bus and stayed in lower Manhattan. We watched the parade, went to the 9-11 Memorial, and shopped all over town. It was awesome. My mom will be in bed for days. She was tired after a few blocks of walking. Our favorite part was going to The Cake Boss bakery. We met Buddy's sisters and took home a whole lotta pastries.

As usual the girlz were amazing. I really enjoy traveling with them. They are so fun and appreciative of the effort and cost of taking them places. I get loads of "thank yous" and it feels great to know they understand that these trips aren't magically given to them.
My dad gave them 100 dollars to spend and they were thoughtful in their purchases and did a great job of planning for what they would get.
Manhattan has always been my favorite U.S. place. I would live their in a minute if I somehow stumbled upon a few million dollars to find a place. AugustRose actually cried a bit on the way home. She said she wanted to live their for "just a little while." She loved the busy streets and bright lights from the skyscrapers. It's odd because she is more nervous about so many things, that you would think the place would terrify her. But no. She held my hand the whole time and was just fine with that. Luckily every cab we took had seatbelts, because she is safety aware. She would tell the cab driver to wait until she got herself all clipped in.
October and Novemnber was a blur of school and girlz. December is my girlz month.
Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!