Saturday, January 07, 2012

DIY, Crafts & Other Projects: DIY: Lampshades with Clear - Throw Away Party Cups...

DIY, Crafts & Other Projects: DIY: Lampshades with Clear - Throw Away Party Cups...: I found this on Pinterest - Then click through to get the instructions. Luckily the pictures tell allot, because I can't read the writing...

Took my tree down...Lights are ready for this!

That Time Of Year...

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Anglo-American School of Moscow | +7 (495) 231-4488

It's that time of year.
Yep, the time when I start obsessing about NOT being able to teach in the one school I really want to..
Damn it, I still let it get to me.
I still get frustrated that I am somehow too much. Adopting my daughters is what originally gave me a "love" of Russia, yet having 2 girlz is the very reason I can't teach here.
And I am soooo not placing any blame on my girlz.. The irony of it is just laughable. Yet I never feel like laughing when I look at the employment page and imagine the teachers who go to Russia, hate it and then leave after a year or two..
I have been at my school for 13 years. The last 4 have been a struggle, but dedication to my teammates has made it bear=able..

I am in the final stages of completing my application for the Department of Defense schools. I am hoping to get a foot in the door, but luck hasn't been on my side, so I am not too hopeful. It's just another one of those things you do to make sure you have tried everything..

School for me is hard. So much that I can't share for confidentiality reasons. Let's suffice it to say, this is the year that will change my overall view of education, and where it is going.

My girlz are doing great. Not being on the swim team has been great. So little rushing around. And momma LOVES that..Both girlz are doing beautifully in school.
Both rec'd honors awards for the first quarter. Perfect Attendance and "Quality Student Award" for Auggie. Honor Roll and Quality Student Award for Anna..I am so proud. Mostly proud of their Quality awards. Those are given to students who show respectful school behavior and study skills..Momma Loves That Too!!!

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. We sure had a busy time and had lots of togetherness...

Happy New Year Everyone!