Saturday, February 25, 2012

Once again I have been too crazybusy to write. Although everymorning during my hellish commutte I think of all the tidbits I'd love to share. But then I don't..

First, my mom had a stroke. It was very mild, but very scary. I spent the last month pondering how I could live without her, and just plainly don't want to think about it anymore..

This school year is, well how can I say it? It is dreadful in the most all consuming ways. I am dealing Several "home" situations that are more frightening then I ever knew. I honestly don't understad how parents think I am equipped to handle problems within their families. I am a teacher, not a doctor or therapist. Combine this with the 2 graduate classes, all the additional required county work, and I am spent.

I have all but given up on Russia. I even reached out for mission opportunities and they too said they weren't comfortable with a single mom with two kids..WHAT? Are you effin' out of your minds? You think people with no children handle life situations better? Go screw yourselves. You are only worried about what you THINK you would have to do to help me..

So now I have applied to the DODea. (Teaching at military base schools) I will go where ever they send me. That's if I were to get a job..There are over 6K applicants..YUCK

So that is where we are. Stuck in the suburbs, and nothing but laundry to do..
And there are loads of that!!